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Niecy Nash as Sylvia
Matthew Glave as Raylan
Hélène Cardona as French Sommelier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mehki_Girl 10 / 10

Did People See The Same Movie I Did???!!! ***Spoilers***

Do people not possess any skills of understanding what was in the screen?!

One viewer said this was a punch in the stomach for black people. I say to that person - Go watch it again. You missed a lot!!!

It was not a downer. By the end, the father and son reconciled. The dad understood his son's passion and was accepting of his choices. And the son went back to pursue his dreams after stopping to help his dad get his second place up and running. How is that a punch in the stomach. A son helping his dad?

He didn't pass the first time. He got feedback, he now knows his weaknesses and can study better.

As far as missing the entire point clearly portrayed, what did people do? Play with their phones during key parts? Go to the bathroom 5 minutes before the end of the movie?

The low rating has nothing to do with this high quality movie. It's usually "certain" people who run to IMDB to downgrade black movies. Ignore them. They feel weak and no longer in control, so this is the petty stuff they do.

For once, a black movie without black people groveling in the ghetto and deciding selling drugs is a good idea.

Watch it with family. Watch it with your kids. It's about striving for what you want, dreams, father and son dynamics, mother's love, young love, relationships, and black life. It has warmth and humor. The three main characters were excellent.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

For once, *I* didn't play with my phone.

Reviewed by kiwifreund 8 / 10

True to Life

Life is never a straight line. Very few of us are doing what we thought we would be doing, or arrived in the manner we thought we would. This movie is a direct reflection of that.

One particular scene, without ruining it, is near the very end. I won't explain it but I hope you will recognize it when you see it. The way the director/writer worked in the imagery and what he was struggling with at that particular time was incredibly effective.

Reviewed by moulindebarre 9 / 10

Unexpected pleasure

I live in France so can understand the obsession some have with wine. Why such an overall low rating? This was beautifully acted with a believable open ending. No rush at the end to tie things up. It was great to watch a black film without a feeling of dread.

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