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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by filmnerd-64158 7 / 10

Good...but wanted more!

Really enjoyed the film. Super slow developing. A few confusing parts that were saved with some flashbacks. Acting saved some of the writing. I wanted to see more of what each character could do. This is supposed to be a superhero movie, no? Will watch again. Hoping to see more of these characters.

Reviewed by ramillsam 6 / 10

Low Budget Genre

I'm a big fan of genre films and was waiting to see this one ever since I saw it advertised at Boston SciFi Film Fest. The trailer made it seem like a horror...other than the opening scene with the priest its not really much of a horror. The acting is really good especially the girl playing the lead. The fight scenes are really cool to see but whats with the eyes wide shut masks? Movie feels like a cheaper Chronicle. Other review mentioned the twist. I didn't see it as a twist...i figuted it out before it happened. Final shot was my favorite part. 6/10

Reviewed by mitchypeterson 7 / 10

Superhero Realism

Finished watching this film on Itunes. I had heard about this film coming from Epic. It's good, but my expectations were low. I've seen some other reviews talk about the budget. Yep, it's clear the budget is small, but that's only because there are not many sfx. It's more a drama than a horror. It has some thriller vibes as well. There is a twist-ending that I predicted, but I want to watch it again to see if there are other clues available.

Looks like it sets up for a sequel. Will be interesting to see where they go with this.

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