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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10

Dreadful Australian indie

TOMBOYS is a dreadful indie horror flick from Australia. It's posited as a grindhouse throwback wannabe torture porn movie but it's nothing like that at all. All you get is a single dark location with five female cast members whose faces are shot in close-up. They converse for the entire running time in dialogue which is as dull as it is extraneous. It's obviously going for some psychological head-spin approach but the result is a film that'll bore you to tears.

Reviewed by mackatucker 10 / 10

Grindhouse down-under

I found 'Tomboys' to be a great little Aussie movie. In the tradition of 'I Spit On Your Grave' and films of the rape revenge genre, this grind-house film is a claustrophobic one room drama. A good first feature attempt. It proves that Australian filmmakers can actually do genre films but also cater to an International audience. The lead actress Candice Day gives a chilling performance of a woman tested to the absolute limit. Naomi Davis as her side kick is a good casting choice who also put in a great, sometimes hilarious, effort. Great seeing Jenny Lovell pop up, she's an old school Australian talent. Be interesting to see what else Alliance and/or Hill come up with next?

Reviewed by goldenarrow-99823 3 / 10

Wonder what Bechdel Test score this would get...

Rape revenge. While I'm all in favour of the castration and execution of convicted rapists, these ladies seem a little unfocused.

One minute they're gung-ho in their plans to kill the sicko who'd assaulted them, the next some of them have an attack of conscience and think prison will be punishment enough.

It makes 79 minutes seem like a lot longer.

Kat, who has a disproportionately foul mouth (even for an Australian) seems to be the only one committed to the plan. And she certainly has had a horrific past, so I can totally understand why she'd want revenge.

"That looks nasty." - Emily, after Kat uses a blowtorch on Kyle the rapist's penis for a considerable time Wonder how this would score on the Bechdel Test?!

And for all those Americans who might get confused - these ladies are Australian, not English, or south African. All of us non-Americans don't really like getting lumped in together. Thank you.

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