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Tom Schilling as Lehrer Pauling
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Reviewed by CabbageCustard 4 / 10

Nothing you haven't seen done before... and better.

I was really disappointed by this film. I know it's only a kids' flick but I expected much more. Instead what you will find here is a very, very clichéd kids' 'detective' movie with a plot so obvious that you will guess what is going to happen before the film is into its second quarter. You know broadly what to expect here - a bunch of smart kids who solve the mystery while the police are running around in completely the wrong direction. Naturally, the authorities, be they police or teachers, do their best to discourage the kids from pursuing their investigations and refuse to listen to their opinions. The group of kids contains the tradition mix of personalities: the cool kid who starts out being a bit of a bad egg, the nerdy/smart kid, the fat kid (who also does double duty as the rich kid in this) and lastly, the girl. The girl of course is more clued in than the three boys put together. Naturally, she falls for the cool kid after initially being antagonistic. Side note: early antagonism between any two characters in this type of movie is a sure sign that they are either going to become firm friends or fall in love before the movie is over. This movie doesn't disappoint in adhering to this rule.

Anyway, I won't spoil things by revealing the details of the plot other than to say that there are many holes. As I said, it is predictable, unoriginal and , frankly, you could have written it yourself. Kids will likely enjoy this but adults will be less impressed. I must admit though, I did enjoy the closing credits.

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