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Tzi Ma as Grover
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James Saito as Hank
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Reviewed by rogerebertreincarnated 10 / 10

Tigertail is the perfect cure for cabin fever. This is La Grande Bellezza with better editing.

Finding the perfect movie when you can't go outside is harder than you'd think. Take it from someone who's been locked down in Brooklyn for nearly a month -- most movies will start to blend together into a pleasant, but unremarkable haze.

Tigertail is the exception to that rule.

Its gorgeous cinematography seduces with exotic locales that feel tantalizing close. The dialogue is sharp, biting. Alan Yang (Emmy-award winning writer behind this masterpiece) has transformed the standard Netflix formula of stunning visuals and meh story into a glimpse at the future of movies.

It'll be a long, long time before any New Yorker gets to wildly overpay for a tub of lukewarm buttered popcorn for the privilege of a true cinematic escape in the grand tradition. Until then, crack a cold one and try Tigertail.

Reviewed by alexpitt-345-971699 7 / 10

Tigertail - Netflix Movie Review

I had been hearing some pretty good things about Tigertail, and I was excited to watch it on Netflix. Whilst I don't think that the film is as great as some people are making it out to be, it was still a fairly worthwhile watch.

The main problem with Tigertail, and the thing which stops me from saying it's a great film, is the runtime. Usually, if anything, I'm saying that a film should have been trimmed down to make the pace flow better, but this film clocks in at under ninety minutes without credits, and it wasn't long enough to get invested in a story which spans multiple generations. Because of this, it was difficult to care much about any of the characters, or the stories they were trying to tell.

Thankfully, the film is directed incredibly well, with some powerful performances, and this was enough to keep me locked in. Tigertail also has a great screenplay, with some heartfelt messages throughout.

There were a lot of pieces that should have made for a great film, but it was hard to care about the characters when the story bounced around a lot and barely gave us anything to latch on to before taking us away to another time or place.

Overall, despite the issues I had with the film, there were enough good elements that I can recommend checking it out if the synopsis sounds interesting to you.

SCORE: 65%

Reviewed by makaylagan 10 / 10

A true representation of Chinese family

Tiger Tail is a slow, poignant movie. It's a representation of the immigrants from Taiwan to the US around 70s. What they thought America was, how they longed to come to America, yet only to find it is nothing like their imagination. How they worked so hard in the US, and yet lost the ability to communicate well with their family. I like the depiction of the relationship of Angela and her father. The conversations are great. I like the ending.

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