The Walking Deceased


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Jacqui Holland as Isaac
Dave Sheridan as Sheriff Lincoln
Natalie Wilemon as Barbie
Sophia Taylor Ali as Brooklyn
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Reviewed by utgard14 2 / 10


No-budget spoof of recently popular zombie movies and TV shows. In particular it parodies Zombieland, Warm Bodies, and The Walking Dead. It's a terrible comedy that offers no laughs. It's not funny at all but it tries so hard. The Kool-Aid bit was the only time I chuckled. At one point they were so desperate for laughs they threw in one of those tired "everybody gets high" gags that we've seen in THOUSANDS of movies. Ugh. Just the worst.

The amateur production values and the poor editing don't do it any favors either. They appear to have gone to Rite-Aid for Halloween makeup to use on their zombies. The acting ranges from terrible to mediocre. I feel bad for these people. One reviewer suggested watching this with your friends. I'm not sure what that person's friends are into but mine would never speak to me again if I subjected them to this. As for all the reviews that are giving this glowing praise -- I'll assume these people are affiliated with the film in some way. Either they worked on it or are related to someone who did. I much prefer that answer to the uncomfortable idea that someone out there legitimately thought this was funny. That would be tragic. Avoid this cheap stinker.

Reviewed by jjjppplll 1 / 10

Absolutely Horrible B Movie with Non Actors

The one star I give this stinker is only because there are a couple of funny moments and lines. I also kind of appreciated the homage to The Walking Dead (the sheriff, an obvious Rick, is called Sheriff Lincoln...the last name of actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick in The Walking Dead).

The script is one of the worst imaginable. Jokes and gags fall cringingly flat left and right. This is only exacerbated by the horrid non acting from the cast of non actors. The plot is a silly mess. The directing is non existent.

Skip this unwatchable dretch.

Reviewed by intrepidmom 7 / 10

If you're a fan, then you will get it. It's funny.

If you haven't watched the zombie movies being spoofed, you won't get it. If you don't have a sense of humor, then don't bother watching a comedy. This is a lampooning mash-up mostly of "The Walking Dead", "Warm Bodies", and "Zombieland". If you loved them, then you will love this. There are sprinkles of other classics that makes me want to watch it again to see what else I can catch. "Dawn of the Dead", "Shaun of the Dead", "World War Z" are represented. I haven't seen every zombie movie so I couldn't tell ya everything. "You're name is Romero?" I laughed every time the wannabe "Rick" character mistakingly calls his kid Carl. At my house we routinely say F-N CARL!! Maybe it's just us. We think it's funny. There might not be Twitter or Twinkies, but there are zombie strippers. Don't let the uptight haters dissuade you from this one. It's not an Oscar winning movie, it's a silly fun movie.

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