The Perfect Date


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 65%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 26


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Laura Marano as Celia Lieberman
Sue-Lynn Ansari as Bespectacled Woman
Matt Walsh as Charlie Rattigan
Joe Chrest as Jerry Lieberman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LukeCustomer2 6 / 10

Ok if you're not seeking innovation.

I enjoyed this one but what holds it back is any sort of non paint by the numbers story. Noah Centineo plays "Brooks Rattigan" (come on guys come up with a real name) a good poor kid who has set his sites on Yale and the good life. While doing this he comes up with the idea for an app to be like a task rabbit for dating. (actually good idea). However, he soon finds that he is losing himself to pretending to be whomever for the app and some of his real life friends are getting tried of being stood up and ignored. My only thought on this was it didn't seem that Brooks was doing anything wrong per se. The script sort of had to twist itself around to have the "dark moment" and his friends came off a little selfish not to let him have this new thing in his life. Of course, he does learn that yearning after the good life and Yale has its drawbacks and isn't all it seems to be. There is a romance with Laura Marano "Celia" but it was definitely very BFF. I didn't get any sort of romantic vibe.

Reviewed by kateb-19665 3 / 10

It is my own fault

I can't believe I let myself watch another Netflix teen movie and so I should not be surprised that once again the credits have started to roll and I have wondered what I could have done with my life during the last 90mins that I have wasted. We do like that Noah Centineo plays another "Noah Centineo" character with his charming, adorkable smile but his almost non-existent romantic chemistry with Laura Marano had me hoping they'd just stay friends by the end of the film. Also, please stop with the pop-song-montage of scenes that took place during the movie, at the end of the film - I just watched the whole movie, I don't need to watch it again.

Reviewed by giuliacypriano 5 / 10

Predictable and cringe worthy

I almost fell asleep 3 times while watching this movie. Do yourself a favor and watch something worth your time. The characters have very little chemistry and poor personal development. Besides their storylines being shallow, it was even more unbearable having to watch another stereotypical "I'm not like other girls/I'm sarcastic and wear combat boots" trope on screen. Even though I like Noah Centineo, it gets tiring seeing him play the same roles over and over again. He can do better.

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