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Reviewed by sherripadgitt-55536 3 / 10

This movie is all over the place...

I didn't find this to be a slow burn as some have sugggested, but I found it to be very disjointed and didn't pace well. Too many things are happening that you don't know what the story is, until toward the latter half, and even then it was still all over the place. It is like a ghost movie, no wait its a possession movie, no wait its a witch movie, no its a revenge movie.....sigh. It is like it didn't know where to go with all of the activity...oh yeah there is poltergeist activity too. Good grief this was difficult to watch and try to stay focused.

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 3 / 10

It doesn't really work on any level.

I've tried to look for some positives in this film, and not to simply just say it's a poor film, but in reality it's just a poor film. It's tagged as a horror, it isn't, or if it is, then those behind it have very different views on what makes a good horror movie. It is agonisingly slow, the pacing is the main issue, you keep wanting something to happen, for it to spark into life, but that moment never comes. The story was all over the place, it made no sense.

If you can reach the end, you're a trooper. I was just bored. 3/10

Reviewed by mauricio-mbarros 2 / 10

Boring but good for sleeping

The movie is boring, and even compressed to like 60 minutes could be to much, the house ambient is the only good part, the rest is cliche ans boring, maybe the Spanish Director wants to get a dose of terror movies of last 10 years; ohhh and common what a bad "demon" hurr killing a dog...we are in 2019 we want human violence, we're not in the 90' terror movies.

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