The Host


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37/10
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 10


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Derek Jacobi as Dr. Hobson
Margo Stilley as Sarah
Jeroen Krabbé as Vera's Father
Dominic Keating as Benjamin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaapvanginderen 8 / 10

Nice and refreshing!

Lovely "Art House" movie, with a budget of 1,4 million. Briljant casting and a briljant titlesong of Robbie Turner!!

Reviewed by saidintime 2 / 10

A silly film that never meets it's potential

This film looks good with London and Amsterdam locations, has some good performances, but is seriously let down by a fragmented and disjointed story. What starts as a thriller turns into a horror film about half way through, it's like watching two separate movies in the one.

This film had potential, all the film-makers needed to do was keep the plot consistent. The whole experience is ultimately unrewarding and disappointing. Perhaps they were trying to make it quirky, but it just comes across as silly.

This film is best avoided.

Reviewed by ewgers 8 / 10

Good acting ,decent thriller

Why the low reviews ????Very odd This firm is actually a very good watch .Keeps you guessing right up until the end Some amount of rubbish out there with high reviews ,yet this film has great acting .Good story and some twists . It's worth watching .You will not be disappointed you did .

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