The Hagstone Demon


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by karenLovesMovies007 2 / 10

Be very afraid...

Wow. What a stinker. We pick out three obscure films every Friday and this was in the last batch. One of the big problems other than how boring it is is that it takes itself VERY seriously. Shot in B & W to give it some kind of artistic feel, it just contributes to the dullness, and trust me this script is DULL. The protagonist is a very goofy looking "actor" who is incapable of emoting. Apparently he is some kind of cult star and maybe the movie is made exclusively for his fans, so I don't know maybe I'm missing some kind of inside joke. The effects look like they were made on the spot except the cat-thing which looked like it was a rubber puppet.I would love to give some props as this was obviously a no budget picture, but it's trying so desperately to be a Rosemary's Baby or some other kind of real movie that it couldn't possibly succeed. Some of the shots were nice so they had a decent cameraman, now if they had just replaced everything else it might have worked. One more thing, whoever you are who wrote that long glowing review is either connected to the production or should not be writing reviews because you are seriously misleading people.

Reviewed by the-dude1996 10 / 10

Brilliant, creepy, thoughtful, fun and intriguing. Borchardt is back !

I really must applaud Jon Springer for having the knowhow to make a serious, creepy, indie horror flick in this era where the majority of indie horror efforts attempt to be comedic. I also must applaud him for casting Mark Borchardt from American Movie in the lead role. Borchardt is terrific in his role as a drunken ex-reporter who is plagued and haunted by demonic forces following the death of his wife. The bad reviews on this site are clearly the work of angry trolls, so please ignore them, and check out what might be one of the best indie horror films of the past 10 years. If you miss out on it, you will never forgive yourself.

Reviewed by the_wolf_imdb 8 / 10

Amateurish, but actually pretty interesting

This movie is a proof you can still make cheap horror flick that is actually quite interesting.

I would really not describe this movie as a "good", because the actors are kinda wooden and the script seems to be somewhat incoherent. But the story is actually pretty cool. It reminds me of classic like "Young Goodman Brown".

The atmosphere of the place, "the house that is going to be demolished" is creepy. Not because of its unique architecture or meaning (like in The Toolbox Murders), but rather because of the very strange people who still live in the house. Especially the young female tramp gave me creeps (she seems never to blink, that's really unsettling!) The story of the main character, the caretaker, is actually very good.

It's not modern gory horror, but rather the old psychological one, which is good. The ambitions of the authors of the movie were probably beyond their budget and resources so if you want your "bag of popcorn, blood and screams" you are going to be disappointed. But if you wish to see something slower yet chilling you will tolerate the weak spots here and there.

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