The Flood



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Lena Headey as Wendy
Iain Glen as Philip
Arsher Ali as Nasrat
Jack Gordon as Russell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omid-ashtari 8 / 10

Powerful, current and important!

Immigration is a polarising topic which is clearly examplified by the reviews of this movie. The ignorance we see in some of the reviews here is exactly what this movie is trying to address. It doesn't matter on what side of this debate you are, it will be very hard for you to not feel empathy for the powerful performance of the lead actor Ivanno Jeremiah and his journey from Eritrea to the UK. You can understand the dilemma the immigration officer played by Lena Heady is facing, whether you believe refugees should be admitted in this country or not. Overall the performances and the writing of Helen Kingston make this a human and relatable exploration of the subject. It's this view into the lives of people who sit on the frontlines of the immigration and refugee crisis at desks in non-descript office rooms across the world that this movie conveys so well. This is an important topic to delve into especially given our current political climate so I hope that people watch this movie with an open mind and proceed to have constructive nuanced debates rather than falling back on common tropes.

Reviewed by arrerong 10 / 10

Extremely underrated

I usually think IMDB scores are fairly accurate, but it seems that this is something that doesn't apply to political movies. The fact that filmmakers, like all creatives, might reflect their views, political or otherwise, in their art seems to be something people can't handle. A gripping story, fantastic cast, and a strong message should see this movie score a way higher score than it currently has. Watch it and judge for yourself!

Reviewed by yashamalekzad 9 / 10

Powerful and Current with outstanding performances

Unfortunately it seems peoples political views have hijacked the rating of this film.

Ivanno Jeremiah's performance is stunning with strong offerings from the rest of the cast.

The film is thought provoking and currently very relevant with the worlds human displacement crisis.

I'd highly recommend this movie to all!

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