The Bet



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Katie Boland as Maggie
Natasha Little as Isabel
Linda Kash as Jennifer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 2 / 10

if you like chatter

Then this might be fun and strikingly good. but im just a grumpy old man, and didnt find this amusing at all, and so close up to a bore thats possible. ive seen this theater group in other appearances, and they have mot improved much. its a bet done by a wornout couple, that she can get a new fellow at the blink of an eye, and as you might guess, she does, and this is the story about the badger shes clung on to, and how to get rid of him.

everything is average here, the idea coldve been so much better developed. to me it was nothing more than a bore

Reviewed by kalyeshannin 10 / 10

Very good movie

Its a really good movie,enjoyed watching it...very fun...the husband's comments so funny and the story line so those that didnt enjoy don't spoil it for the saying goes-one man's meat is another man's me it was a really good movie I didnt want it to end even...we need a part two where the salesman gets richer and they have to partner with him for their tea company etc...

Reviewed by JustinDahl 7 / 10

A good heartfelt film

Good acting and dialogue. Also, a good ending. I quite enjoyed this one.

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