The Battle of Jangsari


Action / Drama / War

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Megan Fox as Marguerite Higgins
George Eads as General Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10


Its the korean war spun out in the story of the battle of jangsari-beach. its a bittersweet film with extremely lots of death and misery, and droppings of sentimentalia and heart grieving emotions of angst and fear.

its a classic war movie, made the korean way and style, there are the usual problem differing a south from a north soldier especially in the dark surroundings takes, but all the killings do give some clues which side youre on.

the warbattles are a ravaging kill a kill nonstop, some vfx and cgi are used especially in the naval shoots, and some are good and some not that good. in the end it feels like these men and woman where the forgotten soldiers and left there because the un-forces were far too toothless and badly organized at that front.

if youre keen on war history its a film must see, it felt like a hammerblow to me, therefore recommended

Reviewed by s3276169 10 / 10

A heartfelt and honest indictment of war.....

There's a real sense of tragedy and loss inherent in Korean made war films. Like their Russian counterparts, they don't glorify war but show it for what it is, the senseless and wasteful loss of mostly, young life.

Battle of Jangsari is no exception. Its genuinely hard watching bright, young, hopeful lives, wiped away by the efficient industrialised ugliness, of modern warfare. What is also to this films credit is its treatment of soldiers on both sides of the conflict, as human beings. Ordinary people, afraid to die, who only want to return home to their parents and loved ones.

The acting is, in short, mostly excellent, the cinematography outstanding and the approach to telling the story of these young people heartfelt, honest and reverential.

10/10 from me.

Reviewed by leonidasstathopoulos 7 / 10

Based on true events

South Korean Students abducted from North ones and dressed in North Korean army uniforms...Forced to fight against their own A very touching moment at the end of the movie, from an old Man now,ex soldier, calling out his dead partner soldiers by their names...

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