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Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 3 / 10

A good film, if it was put together by a 5th grade drama class

This isn't director, writer, producer, cinematographer, editor Aaron Mirtes' first time dabble in filmmaking, but you would think it was.

I get this was obviously put together on a micro budget, but the majority of the flaws could've easily been avoided - even by a 5th grade drama class.

For starters the writing and dialogue was just infantile in some scenes. Many plot and technical issues. The story itself had some opportunity, but that was clearly messed up in the screenplay.

The cinematography was adequate, but Mirtes failed miserably in directing his cast, and had some wacked out camera angles. The score was actually not bad nor overbearing, but the overall sound was shallow and distant. You can rent a couple of boom mics for chump change ya know.

I will however say, that although rudimentary, Alpha's android head was creepy af, and worked really well, especially with the voice and color changing light on the back.

I am disappointed at Mirtes' final cut, especially since I've seen some stellar films from amateur/newb filmmakers lately such as Guns Akimbo, Villain, Blood on Her Name and Foxtrot Six - all new and amateur filmmakers. This film is a generous 3/10 from me.

Reviewed by jamiedee-45573 7 / 10

Nowhere near as bad as people are making out..

Yes it's cheap, yes some of the acting is awful, but you need to enjoy it for what it is which is a cool little sci-fi flick.. I actually enjoyed it.. the robot was creepy and the film in general was entertaining.. those who can't look past bad acting and low budget should avoid.. myself found it good for a low budget sci-fi film..

And NO I don't work on the production team before anyone starts! ????

Reviewed by omendata 4 / 10

Darryl Hannah Is A Robot!!!

Is it just me or is the robot the spitting image of Darryl Hannah? This just made the robot even more disturbing than it actually was.

I always try and review a movie based on its budget as well as everything else and this was not too bad compared to some of the utter garbage that is flooding onto Netflix etc lately.

First off; yes the acting is not stellar from most of the participants but the Robot was well acted and performed. I have to disagree with previous reviewers about the sound - no idea where they get the idea that the sound was poor as I did not notice. Don't expect CGI as there isn't any and the blood effects looked like dilute tomato sauce or fired from a paintball gun which I am sure the shotgun effects at the end actually were!

As for the other reviewer comment on "white men" - whoosh that one went way over my head. Just sit back and enjoy the movie and try and not read too much into things that are not there.

Its a brave effort for an ultra low budget and gets a fair 4/10 from me!

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