Superman: Red Son


Action / Animation / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 1


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Amy Acker as Lois Lane
Jason Isaacs as Kal-El
Winter Ave Zoli as Svetlana
Tara Strong as (voice)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonaqpetla 5 / 10

Nowhere Near the Brilliance of the Source Graphic Novel

The animation was emotionless, the story was forced into a mere 84 minutes. The source material was so rich, so brilliant, that I couldn't believe I was witnessing this dumpster fire. The motives and character didn't come through, simply due to lack of time, and just bad dialogues. The final punchline, for example, was ruined by the verbosity. A TV Series could have done the material justice, because novels are best approximated by series and movies follow the structure of short stories more closely. Brilliant story, ruined by bad adaptation, I recommend people to try the graphic novel instead, and not to think of the novel lowly due to this movie.

I could have been a little biased because I've read the source material. I'm sorry, if that has colored my judgement.

Reviewed by amanmirza-10021 1 / 10

Seriously messed up

This movie literally scrambled every single character in it's very own way Seriously.... everything that we saw right from the beginning of fancy DC cinematic universe, is just flushed in one go. Very very and very disappointing movie

Reviewed by xTkAx 4 / 10

It was ok, but does a disservice to the comic.

This movie is based on the 3-Part 2003 comic of the same name.

The art style is roughly the same as the comic, but in 3D in some places, and the art is probably the best thing that transferred over.

Some quotes were directly taken out from the comic, but their placement in the story wasn't always well thought out. For example there was a line about a 'bloodless' revolution in the comic that worked there because it was bloodless revolution in the comic, but it's not so in the movie, and so is out of place and makes Superman look delusional.

The plot of the movie goes off in different directions for the various reasons and is loosely tied to points in the comic. For example, Diana can't be with Superman because she's from a 'island of all women', but this wasn't part of the comic. Or only one superman-fighter was developed when several were. Ultimately the movie could have used more care to pull it all together and keep the plot intact, and ditch the PC stuff.

Probably the most glaring issue in the movie is the omission of the last few pages of the 3rd episode of the comic

If you want to get the best Superman Red Son experience, go read the 2003 comic. If you want to get a watered down/twisted version of Superman Red Son, watch this movie.

They should have made it like the comic.


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