Stitch! The Movie


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Tia Carrere as Nani
Ving Rhames as Cobra Bubbles
Liliana Mumy as With the Voice Talent of
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs 6 / 10

While good in pieces this is not a movie by any stretch of the imagination, its just some episodes from the TV show

First a couple of things: 1. Despite what the box says the movie is only one hour long, a scant number of seconds over 60 minutes.

2. Only two of experiments actually show up prior to the last two minutes of the movie.

3. This is a rip off if you BUY the film since its nothing more than what should have been the pilot for the show. This should have been shown on TV as part of the show and not as a "movie".

That said its not bad.

Its a "movie" that does not work as a whole but in moments and in throw away lines and actions. It also had a great villain in what is the French Taunter from Holy Grail in hamster form.

The plot, which is more like a hope than a real plot has Gantu being hired by the hamster to get the previous experiments and what happens as a result. There's a bit more to it then that but since its not much more I feel I have to leave something for you to find out on your own.

As I said this is a movie of moments which is what you'll take away from this attack on your wallet by Disney. The moments, and there are many, will have you smiling, or laughing at there cleverness, a cleverness who's level is so high you'll wonder what the hell happened to the rest of the movie...

Is this worth seeing? Yes, but rent it or borrow it, do not buy this.

Will I see it again? On cable or TV.

Frankly this is one of those things that should have worked but doesn't. Its annoying since its as if they had ideas but no idea how to string them into a viable plot...(then again its TV episodes) Allowing that the animation is by turns good, garbage or passable, one wonders if they had three levels of animators working on this each doing a different shot in turn.

This is, on the whole, nowhere near as good as the real movie, who's ending it wipes away completely with talk that the sister and her boyfriend haven't dated, or that some of the events alluded to couldn't have happened in the stills simply because there are now the new creatures. Its as if a few weeks have passed since the end of the theatrical movie, not the year or so that is implied by the end stills.

In pieces and on a level for unstained silliness this is the equal of the first film, but only in the quick moments that never gel.

(This is not a ringing endorsement of the movie only that it should be seen in what ever way puts as little money in the coffers of the Disney company) and

Reviewed by klchu 8 / 10

Good pilot to a good TV series

I've never been too impressed with the Disney video sequels. And while "Stitch, the Movie" isn't as good as the original, it's still very good. Also, it sets up the Lilo and Stitch TV series which is even better than the movie! Both "Stitch" and the TV series share the same duel level of humor that make it attractive to both kids and adults. You will see the references and homages to works like Monty Python and other classic humor sources. I haven't enjoyed a cartoon like this since Animaniacs, and it's no wonder since some of the same voices (and maybe writers) are used.

I've seen some negative references in reviews made to Pokemon. Well, that's only a tangental similarity in my opinion. The only negative opinions that I agree with are that Nani has turned into the stereotypical adult figure in kid's shows that doesn't believe the kid until it's too late. On the plus side, the characters of Pleakley, Jumba, Gantu and the new Hamsterviel are much improved.

So, watch the movie, and then watch the TV show!

Reviewed by DanMat6288 9 / 10

I loved it, why can't more?

Sure it doesn't EXACTLY have as much of the warmth of the first movie, but it sure is funny!

Stitch, Peakley, and Jumba are now living with Lilo and Nani. But no one knows that Jumba had brought his other expiriemts to Earth... ALL 625 OF THEM! (wouldn't people wonder why Stitch was named 626?)

Jumba's ex-partner, Dr. Hamsterveil (Not Hamsterwheel, not Gerbal-like) and his hireling the ex-Captain Gantu know that. So Gantu captures Jumba to find out where they are, because he only finds expiriment 625's dehydrated pod. (Oh yeah. They're dehydrated for storage)

Hamsterveil demands to the rest of the gang that they bring the other 624 as ransom for Jumba, though, awhile ago, Lilo and Stitch had activated expiriment 221, which they dubbed "Sparky".

One of my favorite characters was 625. Hamsterveil thought that 625 would tourture Jumba into telling where the others are, because he has all the powers of Stitch... to his bitter disappointment "I AM IRKED!" and to our great humor, 625 may have all of Stitch's powers, but he is wise-cracking, lazy, and cowardly. But, on the other hand, he makes good sandwiches!


Oh, and another thing, Stitch doesn't want to give up his 625 "cousins". Remember "ohana"? "Ohana" means "family". "Family" means "Nobody gets left behind or forgotten."

Okay, the series is going to be KIND OF like Pokiemon (sp?), but, actually, I hardly thought of it. Whenever it was going to the end of the movie, I thought, "Hm, gotta chatch 'em all? Sounds kind of like that show Pokemon." but then I forgot about it.

[ANOTHER SPOILER (same instructions as before)]

And I LOVE in the end when Peakley gets his hopes up that the Grand Councilwoman would take them home, then, like, a second later the ship takes off without them. "I'll go get the wig." HA! HA! HA!


Overall, I loved the movie, and can't wait to see what the TV show's like, it has the same basic idea as Pokemon, so I hear, but I know enough of Lilo and Stitch to know it has a WAY DIFFERENT additute about it.

DanMat6288, the cartoon lover

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