Standing Up for Sunny


Comedy / Drama / Romance


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RJ Mitte as Travis
Matt Nable as Male Interviewer
Sam Reid as Mikey
Barry Humphries as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by furmonkey 9 / 10

Funny Sunny

Nice movie with heart. Depends on your mood how you feel about the movie but I was glad I watched it. Heart warming. Nice acting, nice story. More than nice actually. It was touching for me.

Reviewed by catherine-35345 1 / 10

Unfunny sunny

Currents in Sydney on a holiday. My mate and I had a few hours to kill on this wet evening so we headed to the Ritz Cinema and went to see standing up for sunny. Sadly this was the mistake of the night as we will never get these hours back,calling this a charming comedy is as true as Nigel Farage calling off Brexit. This plot is is dull and humorous-less as they come. This convoluted directionless story gives the audience the gam moth of disabilities from cerebral palsy, bulimia to blindness. RJ Mitte is the only positive from this mess, the The rest of the actors are mere furniture and background noise. The lead actress is played by an ex home and away alumn who get swallowed up with a thankless role. The poor girl is woefully miscast and maybe she should consider a return to the soap or some acting 101 classes such is her inability sadly. I work as a casting director assistant in London and I would advice the cast of this mess to leave it off their showreel as I can guarantee any acting clip from this film would mean immediate dumping in rubbish by any half decent casting director. Anyway my friend gave up halfway through but I stuck it out to its inevitable conclusion, ehich was obvious as the day is long. I know Australian comedy can be far better than this dirge. I'll chalk it down as being a mistake on my part. My final word; avoid, far more interesting things to do with your precious time: maybe cutting your toenails or rearranging your sock drawer.

Reviewed by dosefade19 7 / 10

Pretty nice movie

Only problem I had is that RJ Mitte's character speaks with an American accent when the movie is set in Australia and it's never once said that he's an American in the movie. Still a cute and heartwarming movie regardless.

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