Shooting Heroin


Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.7 10 124


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Sherilyn Fenn as Hazel
Nicholas Turturro as Reverend John
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enabeshello-57896 3 / 10


I know it is quite a pity to call this movie dull and dreadful, because it is based on real stories and real people who lost a sister/brother/son/daughter due to drugs. Despite this fact, the acting was so poor and there was lack of action. Nothing meaningful happened in the entire movie. The actions were scattered here and there, there was no correlation between the characters, and everyone was dealing on their own ways. Very painful to watch, hopefully not too long. I think it would be better if this was a documentary. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more.

Reviewed by dwuksta 2 / 10

20 minutes in and bailed

It's badly acted, directed, everything Fenn seems to touch is god awful, as I expected. Lead character is the type of generic actor that had the looks, but just missed out on a role on the bold and the beautiful due to the Corona Virus shut down. The camera angles choices were often odd, and not in a good way, the storyline races thru certain important scenes, sits forever on other longer boring scenes, like at the bar, or chatting while just never gets remotely interesting...sister dying of heroin, 2 scenes = 3min. Having a cigarette in he smoking area = 8 minutes and counting. Sorry i cant sum up the whole load of excrement, but I couldn't get thru it...avoid avoid and avoid.

Reviewed by omendata 3 / 10


Went in to this quite optimistic but as soon as I saw some of the old has beens from yesteryear and their poor acting I knew it was too good to be true. Poor old Sherilyn Fenn , I used to secretly fancy her when I was younger but sadly we all get old and our talents diminish and for her this is sadly true.

If you think this is going to be a revenge thriller akin to Death Wish vigilante style with plenty of action then forget it, this is one of those paramount wet sunday afternoon moralistic tedious goody two shoes movies for bored housewives and it will bore you to tears; that is if the dreadful acting and poor script does not finish you off first.

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