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Logan Miller as Toby
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Reviewed by tchitouniaram 4 / 10


Honestly...It is not such a bad film,a bit too slow and very predictable.. If you are like me and watched all the horrors in existence )it will not be a very satisfactory experience) one time watch,if there is absolutely nothing better to be found...

Reviewed by flowerstardust1979 1 / 10

I Turned It Off!

After sitting through Sweetheart, which is basically the same movie, released the same year, and equally as boring. Pretty sure that it was also under the same production company as this. After 35 of Logan Miller stumbling around on a dessert island and that was it! Bit of suspenseful music, with nothing suspenseful happening. Off it went. I have no desire to find out what didn't happen for the other 60 minutes.

I'm a huge horror fan. I watch everything. I can't remember the last time I turned something off for being so bad. And recently, the horror films have been very disappointing, but rarely do I turn them off.

Reviewed by TwistedContent 4 / 10

Interesting Setting, but Uninspiring Plot & Weak Scares

After the recent "Bloodline" I was looking forward to the next Blumhouse's straight-to-video feature, but this time it was quite the disappointment. "Prey" does have potential but I don't think it was aware of that.

For the first 15 minutes "Prey" kept me intrigued - right away the story smells a little cliché, but the interesting part is the setting of a string of uninhabited islands around Malaysia. The nature shown in "Prey" is beautiful and made me think of one awesome game called "Far Cry 3" - if it was made into a movie, these would be very fitting shooting locations. Other than that this movie had serious pacing problems, a plot that promises more than it delivers & a climax sequence / ending that falls flat and is simply painfully unoriginal. While the movie drags along and defies your expectations with unsatisfying twists, Logan Miller does what he can & props to him, a shallow character, but a decent performance. The rest of the cast were okay as well, 3 of the 4 other characters didn't have much to do at all. Really, it's hard to say literally anything about "Prey" because it's only entertaining enough to forget it 5 minutes after watching it. As for the visuals, not counting the qualities provided by the filming locations, the cinematography could've been more imaginative & gore is practically non existant.

I'd guess that "Prey" might appeal more to the less seasoned horror fans, but all I saw was something I've seen tens of times, just this time set in the jungle. My rating: 4/10.

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