Pete Davidson: Alive from New York



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Reviewed by radrobd 5 / 10

Every 5th Word was Um and Uh. Not very funny

I like Pete on SNL, but I can see why he says they only put him in small doses. He's not funny for 45 minutes. His delivery doesn't land. Every fifth word is "um" "uh" "like" "whatever". He also appears to have ADD or something because he'll begin telling the set up for a joke, get distracted and talk about something else, then maybe come back five minutes to the joke he set up, but without any payoff. I think the audience laughs at Pete the celebrity, not Pete the stand-up. If he wasn't famous, nobody would think he was funny.

Reviewed by danbutler-45322 2 / 10

Hard to watch.

I was excited to watch this, and really wanted to like it. But it was so difficult to sit through. Pete has become so smug that it's seeping into his storytelling. Maybe Louis CK was right.

Reviewed by darrel076 4 / 10

Not special worthy. Mostly awkward.

Pete Davidson is not a horrible comic,but this special is not a good one. I feel like he ate 3 grams of shrooms and was tripping the whole time. It would explain the goggles and pauses, and hard time he had getting through his stories. So many great comics waiting for a deal,and this is what comes out?

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