Pele: Birth of a Legend


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Reviewed by saurabhjustu 8 / 10

This is more than just a mere football movie

PELE is probably the biggest name in the soccer history that has shaped & shifted the current playing style of modern day game. The extravagant career speaks for itself. The movie shows us the making & coming to be of PELE.

I see a lot pf people saying this movie is predictable, not so good & what not. to all of them & most importantly to all of u i say, this movie is more than just a football movie. Not every movie is supposed to be a thriller or an Avenger movie. simple things in life have a way of getting to us.

This movie is about small & humble beginnings, its about friendship , its about believing in one self, taking the risk. Movie shows us that is does not matter if u have all the resources or opportunities in the world. if u keep at it, if u find something that you are passionate about & stick to it, day by day, night after night, the results speak for itself.

Movie has amazing moments, really great camera work. one of the best for all the soccer movies out there. Even if one know nothing about the legend that PELE is, once you are into the movie, you cant resist to feel the journey he is going to make in life. I was finding myself constantly tears of joy rolling down my cheek coz i was hooked into the movie. had soo many of those watering your eyes moments that once the movie was over, i was filled with joy and happiness to have witness such a good work of art.

Acting & direction is simple & stunning. camera-work is amazing , specially in those moments you want to fell the greatness of the legend, the movie gives you that.

I'll keep going back to watching this movie , just to feel that joy of watching something beautiful in the making again & again.

Reviewed by erick-palacios04 8 / 10

Ginga or Joga Bonito, both mean: Pelé

I grew up watching Football, i loved it and i still do, and of course i love my nation (Venezuela), but you just can't denied that you like Brasil for their style of playing, their amazing Joga Bonito, it's just masterful and beautiful that makes you think, can i do that?, there are 2 correct answers: you work all day, every day for a very long time to accomplish it, or just wait until another life and born with it like Pelé.

This is the guy that every Football player looks up to at least one time in their life, and of course for us Fottball lovers to know there is a movie about this legend it's like saying, there is a movie about Michael Jackson and you think: They better don't mess it up, because he is the best in the business and he deserves it. Trust me they have done it right in this film, the kid playing Pelé is really good with his ginga (freestyle of playing) and does honor to the man himself, he really capture the essence of what he means to every fan, player and Brazilian in the world. Makes me think, can he have Pelé's blood, yes he does, but not by family, but by nationality, they just have it in them.

The movie it's solid in the cinematography, it really shows the feeling of the country and their culture and the sport itself, the casting made me think some times about overacting, but i just forget about it and kept watching a great film. What i really loved is that Ginga is explained and gives real knowledge of what it means, it's now that they call it Joga Bonito, but they are the same: One amazing player. Donpt believe me? just take a good look yourself this movie and experience what Soccer (that's how Americans call it) it's really about, and you will have the most amazing teacher, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or as is best known: Pelé.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

Turning a legend into a saint

Pele is one of the most spiritual sports movies I've ever seen and is more heart than anything else.

It's more about the pride of Brazil and Edson Arantes do Nascimento being a beautiful symbol of it.

Pele is a poor kid form a poor part of Brazil who was good enough to use football to start building a better life by being a part of the 1958 Olympic team. More to the story, is that from the place he is from , his father taught him the ginga, for the purpose of the movie, the ginga is a celebration of Brazil's African heritage focus through football, a system that most of Brazil feels lost them the last two Olympic games, but Pele realized they were not doing it right and shows them the path that leads to the gold and Brazilian pride.

The acting itself did not bring on this spirit, but I did like the acting. From the trailer, I was not sure if Vincent D'Onofrio could pull off the role as the team's coach, but indeed he does a find job. It's one of the few sports movies in which the coach's inspiration is a very small part of the movie, but D'Onofrio does well with the little he's got.

The spirit comes more in the film making itself , as they use small special effects like slow motion to make Pele look divine every time he gets the ball, inter cut with scenes of people watching in total ah of what he can do. At first it seems cheesy when they first start doing it, but after a while it gets into a rhythm that gets you into it, and you can't help but to let it touch your soul.

I don't think it's better or worse than any other sports movie. What makes it unique is that they're are very few of these about Soccer (and so many about American Football), but it does the trick of inspiring you and having you cheer for the underdog, though I feel I did not really learn much about Pele in the process.

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