Nothing But the Truth


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 64/10
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Kate Beckinsale as Rachel Armstrong
Vera Farmiga as Erica Van Doren
David Schwimmer as Ray Armstrong
Angela Bassett as Bonnie Benjamin
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Reviewed by EngineerSahab 7 / 10

Something you don't see regularly on Hollywood's menu - Definitely worth your time!

The ending reminded me of "The Sixth Sense". The only thing is, it was just us (the viewers) this time. Although the major part of the script was focused on Beckinsale's character which she flawlessly portrays, but it was Vera Fermiga who stole the show with her limited screen time. Since, it was a work of fiction which was somewhat inspired by real events, a more screen space to Fermiga's character would have certainly maintained the intensity in the plot which clearly declined after she parts away. You have to watch it to believe it. These two ladies faced off each other twice in the movie and I have to say those were the moments you couldn't forget. As for the whole movie, it is something you don't see regularly on Hollywood's menu and therefore is definitely worth your time.

The ending will leave you asking this question to yourself - "Was she really protecting the source? Was it really about her principles?" And yes, you will get your answers shortly and that answer changes every opinion you had about the characters that you could have vouched for.

And this my friend is what makes this piece of work alluring!

Reviewed by RolyRoly 9 / 10

The kind of intelligent movie Hollywood rarely makes anymore

This was shown last night at the Toronto International Film Festival and was very well received. It is a beautifully acted, deftly written examination of the tension between freedom of the press and the power of the state, based very loosely on the Valerie Plame case. The fact that writer and director Rod Lurie spent 13 years in the newspaper business is evident throughout, making for one of the most compelling and believable portrayals of what it is like to be a political reporter for a major newspaper since All the President's Men. Kate Beckinsale (the reporter) and Vera Farmiga (as the CIA operative) are outstanding and each delivers an Oscar-worthy performance. Matt Dillon gives one of his best performances as the smarmy, ambitious and self-righteous prosecuting attorney. David Schwimmer, an odd casting choice, does a fine job within a fairly narrow range. Surprisingly, I even enjoyed Alan Alda's performance as a high-powered, rather cynical and self-obsessed Washington lawyer, hired to defend the beleaguered reporter. But the two women really steal the show.

There was much discussion in our group about the ending and whether it enhanced or undercut the basic message of the film. No point in spoiling it here, but I can assure you it will provoke debate.

Reviewed by hanagomolakova 9 / 10

Great story, great tension, great film

Kate Beckinsale, Vera Farmiga, Alan Alda, Matt Dilon. Such great cast alone was enough "quality stamp" for me to get me interested in this film. I must say Nothing But The Truth has exceeded my expectations many times over.

Based on a true story, the basic plot line has close focus on a reporter of a Washington D.C. major newspaper Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale) who after writing an article on the US president's actions revealing the identity of a secret CIA agent Erica Van Doren (Vera Farmiga) is being pressured to reveal her secret source by the government in such ways she could never have imagined.

The story flows flawlessly, picks up nicely and slowly drags you into a twist of controversial emotions, drawing the characters with all their pros and cons and letting you slowly get acquainted with their moral inner fights.

Beckinsale and Farmiga have a great energy between them that will have you forget you're watching a movie and catch your breath at the few scenes at which they confront each other. Alda, as usual is a brilliant defender of humanity and freedom. Dilon's take on the "hyenous prosecutor" is so tremendously real will all aspects of belief in his work it's simply scary.

Alik Sakharov great DoP work on this film shows every muscle moving on the actors' faces, which underlines the great work of the actors.

This film definitely proves Lurie knows what he's doing out there and I'll definitely have my eye on his future work.

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