Never Rarely Sometimes Always



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Ryan Eggold as Autumn's stepfather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander_Blanchett 8 / 10

Never bad. Rarely slow. Sometimes heart wretching. Always great.

I loved it. Indie Cinema at its very best. The film is raw and real. The characters are raw and real. It doesnt try to make anything spectacular or romantisice its Topic and characters. Almost felt like a documentary. It is also the birth of two very talented Young actresses who will go a Long way. Sidney Flanagan and Talia Ryder, who already is set up in Steven Spielbergs West Side Story Remake. Flanagan has the lead and the more complicated role. She really put a lot of effort into it and you never see this as a Performance but a real human being. Ryder might not have had the more complicated role but this makes her Performance more complicated as she isnt as Showy as Flanagan. But she still puts so much heart and Soul into it. I also loved the dynamic between the two Girls. There is actually not much dialogue exhange between both. Often you think they are strangers but still they stick together and stand by each other. Eliza Hittman nailed it again and invites us into the Soul of two teenage Girls of the new millenium. A strong film.

Reviewed by danstyrlund-95404 8 / 10

Every young male needs to see this film

This film brings us into Autumn's world as she deals with an unintended pregnancy. It it slow paced...the action is subtle, and this is just what makes is so encapsulating and believable. There aren't wild plots twists or sensationalized drama.

The power is in the nuance. Sidney Flanigan gives a strong understated performance that has you feeling to your core for her. I say this as a 32 year old male who has no idea what it is like to be this character.

It was so painful to see how she(and presumably other young woman) get treated by men in this society. It made me question my own actions. I left with a bit more empathy and understanding of a world I was unknowingly oblivious to.

Reviewed by mbrcf 8 / 10

a Great work of art from everyone involved

Never Rarely Sometimes Always is the second feature film written and directe by Eliza Hitmann. The story follows a 17-year old girl named Autumn (Sidney Flanigan) in a small town somewhere in Pennsylvania who had recently found out she's 10-week pregnant. Together with her cousin and best friend Skylar (Talia Ryder), they travel to New York city in order to abort the unwanted child.

Not much is spoken between the duo in the course of this journey, all the feelings, needs and thoughts are given through a gaze, a smile or sometimes a hand touch. The film uses many many close-ups of Autums's face, whereever she might be, along with a powerful ambient music. We get to know her through these moments, and we feel her pain in ourselves.

This film has 2 major subplots, the first being the abortion and unwanted pregnancy and director Hittman masterfully delivers her message through this film. the second subplot was the beautiful friendship of the two girls, a friendship that, as is shown in the film, above all other things in this world. I was extremely impressed by this aspect of the film and the brilliant performance of Flanigan and Ryder was a big factor in this regard.

this film is not easy to sit through, it's definitely not a date or popcorn film, but it's an important one and it will stay with you for a while at least.

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