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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonah_roskosz 7 / 10

Fun little movie for the evening

Ok, first of all you shouldn't have to high expectations when going into this movie, because if you do, you will probably get dissapointed...

But let's be real. If you only need a fun and simple movie, without a twistet story you need to stay focused on, then it is a fun little movie where you can just turn your brain of and enjoy it.

The story is fairly simple, sometimes even predictable, there aren't any big moments you will still remember in a few years, there is no 'real espionage action" which you might hope for and of course you could have done more with it. And I must be honest. I myself expected something a bit different from this movie in the beginning and by the trailers. But I like what it is. I can enjoy the charackters and their interactions, I can laugh at a lot of the jokes, and I can simply sit here and enjoy the simple story, without the need to figure out what is happening and I think this is something you could need on a bad day.

So If you want a fun and little movie for your evening after a hard day or for you and your Family, this movie might be worth a Shot.

Reviewed by movieman6-413-929510 5 / 10

My Spy is an entertaining yet well-known espionage family comedy.

My Spy is a new family action comedy directed by Peter Segal, the director of Get Smart and Tommy Boy.

The film is about the ex-military JJ (Dave Bautista), who after his time in the army now tries to work as a CIA agent. During his missions he still works too much as a soldier. The CIA does not get the necessary information and decides to use JJ for undercover operation. JJ now has to spy on mother Kate (Parise Fitz-Henley) and her young daughter Sophie (Chloe Coleman) in the hope that her arms trade partner contacts his family. JJ is soon discovered by the clever nine-year-old Sophie, who promises to share nothing about his secret mission with the rest of the world. In return, JJ has to train her on how to become a spy herself.

This movie has his amusing moments about how a young girl can outsmart a novice CIA agent. This aspect has come up before in other films such as the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Kindergarden Cop. For people familiar with such films, this film can quickly become predictable. The script clearly shows the bond between JJ and young Sophie, but the film concentrates a bit too much on this band at a time. For example, the aspect of the secret arms trade is somewhat canceled. The scenes that pass here seem a bit like separate scenes from a completely different film. These different aspects only come together at the end of the film, but otherwise seem to have little in common.

The comedy moments are also somewhat predictable if you are familiar with these kinds of comedy movies. Dave Bautista comes across as a budding CIA agent who doesn't yet know how to best handle his job. While it seems a bit unbelievable that the CIA is discovered by a nine-year-old girl and she manages to outsmart them, these moments make for the best comedy in the movie. For a novice young actress, Chloe Coleman does good and appropriate acting in this film. The better known comedy actors such as Kristen Schaal and Ken Jeong still have more of a cameo in this film and only have a few small comic moments.

Reviewed by coombsstephen 6 / 10

You know what you are getting but it's still entertaining

This is a standard feel good film and it's not hard to work out how is going to go and how it's going to end, but that doesn't really detract from the enjoyment.

The was not as much action as I expected but there was more depth and better acting than I expected as well.

All in all this isnt a high brow, complicated, Oscar winning movie but it is a decent feel good film that works for adults and kids.

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