More Dead Than Alive


Action / Romance / Western

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Vincent Price as Dan Ruffalo
Anne Francis as Monica Alton
Clint Walker as Cain
Mike Henry as Luke Santee
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Reviewed by BachlorinParadise 7 / 10

Better Than Average "B" Western

More Dead Than Alive turns out to be a surprisingly entertaining and fairly well-acted B movie.

Clint Walker gives his typical "gentle giant" performance as Killer Cain, a convicted murderer who is released after 18 years in prison. After a senseless prison shootout in the beginning of the movie, you expert this film to be nothing more that a "shootem-up". However, once Walker's character is released from prison, the movie becomes a well-acted drama about such topics as prison reform, parole, murder, hero worship, forgiveness and the desire for fame.

More Dead Than Alive's best performance is from Horror King, Vincent Price as Dan Ruffallo, a carnival barker with a traveling gun show. It's one of Price's best latter career performances.

The kicker in More Dead Than Alive is the shocking surprise ending. So, if you're a fan of Clint Walker or Vincent Price, More Dead Than Alive is the film to see.

Reviewed by rj-27 7 / 10

If you seek an offbeat western...

I saw this film many years ago on TV and have never found it in any video store but would be well worth the rental fee for an evenings entertainment, if I could ever find it. Such is the impression it left me with. Around this time period, the Hollywood western had reached its nadir, what with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid et al, and was on its way out. I can think of a couple other offbeat westerns that appeared around this time, but nothing quite like this. For one thing, you have Vincent Price in it! Vincent Price in a western?! This is not a horror film, but it does have an interesting story line with good pacing, tight direction and an unexpected ending. Clint Walker, a much under-appreciated actor, plays a former gunfighter trying to live in peace apart from his past. Price heads a traveling quick draw show that comes into town and this is where the fun begins. Anne Francis is the love interest, Paul Hampton (whatever became of him?) is very effective as the young gunfighter wannabe. Do not miss this if you get the chance.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Decent western about a known gunfighter , Clint Walker , is freed from prison but his former life haunts him and he wants to be a peaceful reformed man

This actioner Western packs emotion , adventures, fights , crossfire , twists and turns . Famous gunslinger 'Killer' Cain (recently deceased Clint Walker) is released from prison after 18 years, he wants to settle down as a rancher in Las Rinas and never touch a gun again , as well as look for a job to carry a quite life and peace . Cain has a particular code of survival and lives in a brutal land of violence , being dogged by foes , but he is having difficulty adjusting to life back on the outside . However , nobody wants to give him a job, some nasty people also wish to pay him back. So he has to accept the offer of showman Ruffalo (Vincent Price) to perform as "Killer Cain" in his traveling shooting show and in his World Museum . As the horse-drawn carriage has a museum where exhibits various ítems : Guns from St. Louis train robbery , Cochise knife , Lincoln colt and Cain gun . As Cain participates at the sensational , phenomenal spectacle as a sharpshooter, an infamous gunman with his 12 notch colt . Meanwhile , Cain falls in love for two men , a Golden Condor Saloon girl and the painter named Monica Alton (Anne Francis) . Nevertheless , after 18 years without practice even Ruffalo's young assistant Billy (Paul Hampton) shoots better than Cain. Furthermore , Cain is being chased by a mysterious stranger and then old troubles resurface .Gunslinger Rebellion -Winner kill all! Killers in pairs... death by the dozen... They left the west... More Dead than Alive.

It is a pretty nice film , though a little bit slow-moving , that could become another western worthy of any anthology due to its offbeat , outlandish elements . The film is divided in year seasons : Winter , Spring ... and it has a twilight style in which Old West has died and the starring cannot adapt to the modern West where there are bicycles and some unpaid moral debts . Highlights of the movie are the impressive images at the beginning , when takes place a spectacular prison break-out with machine-gun included , and a lot of grisly killings . Interesting and stirring screenplay by the notorious George Schenck , still working . Clint Walker gives an acceptable acting as the ex-cold hearted , and multiple killer who he is forced to take a job with a traveling sideshow earning a living off of a past he wants no take part . Along the way Cain/Clint Walker stumbles upon an opportunity for love with the always beautiful Anne Francis . Clint had a long career , his film debut was Ten Commandments (195) , as he met actor Henry Wilcoxon, who introduced him to director Cecil B. DeMille, and Walker found himself playing the part of a Captain of the Guard . Someone from Warner Bros. saw the film , found out that Walker was under contract to producer Hal B. Wallis, bought up Walker's contract and gave him the lead in "Cheyenne" , this series was a huge hit . However, Walker was dissatisfied with the way Warners was handling his career -- they would let other contract players make films, for example, but he wasn't allowed to -- and that triggered a dispute which ended up with him taking a walk from the show. He and Warners eventually settled their disagreements . When the show ended Walker began to get supporting parts in features, his biggest and most successful one being Dirty Dozen (1967). He starred in the not-so-well received None but the brave (1965), a WWII film that was Frank Sinatra's one and only stab at directing. The tall Clint did his own stunts and performed a lot of westerns and TV series as the successful Cheyenne , Yuma, White Buffalo , Pancho Villa, The bounty man, and the well-received the Night of Grizzly (1966) by Gordon Douglas and Baker's Hawk (1976), and turned in a good performance as a villain in the TV movie Scream of the Wolf (1974) .He is accompanied by the great Vincent Price as a propietor of a World Wide Museum , the biggest little show in the territory . Along with a good support cast such as Paul Hampton , Craig Littler , Mike Henry and Emile Meyer .

The motion picture was well directed by Robert Sparr , at his best . He was an artisan who directed speciallly for TV , making several episodes from famous series as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea , Batman , Jim West , Star Trek , Bonanza , The Dakotas , Gallant men , Lassie , The outcasts , The Roaring 20's , and Cheyenne that spawned countless other western series, from Warners and other studios . And eventualy he directed for Big Screen, such as A Swingin' Summer and this More Dead Than Alive . Rating : 6/10 . Passable and acceptable .

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