Mars Needs Moms


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
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Seth Green as Milo
Joan Cusack as Mom
Raymond Ochoa as Martian Hatchling
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by j-stewart 7 / 10

Cant believe all the negative reviews

I wasn't going to watch this movie at all because of the terribly low score (4) on IMDb. Luckily, my kids talked me into it, and I was very pleasantly surprised indeed.

I am amazed that this movie scored so low. Yes, granted, its nothing groundbreaking; there are plenty of well-worn formulas applied. But its far from unusual in this regard, and the story is full of fun situations and characters.

Visually, its very nice to look at, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the time I spent watching it. So did my kids, 8 and 10, who both thought it was great! I don't usually review movies here, but I often check the ratings before watching films. In this instance, I am amazed at the low rating this film received, and feel its unrepresentative of the actual quality.

So 7/10 from me, and really at a loss as to how almost 30% of viewers could have possibly thought 1/10 was a fair rating!

Reviewed by actiondallas 6 / 10

not as bad as everyone has made it out to be

I saw it with two of my little cousins and i was not looking forward to it atall after hearing how it bombed in box office and everyones reviews were really bad. It turns out I kinda liked it, the animation was very cool in 3D, which it must be seen in 3D or not nearly as cool.

It was simple family friendly entertainment, very vibrant and original with very creative digital technology behind it. It was fast paced and kept the kiddies smilin'. More than I was expecting definitely, and overrall not that bad, I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a film to bring some kids to. As a small bonus at the end they shows behind the scenes of how they filmed it with live action actors, very cool.

Reviewed by brenring 7 / 10

Not perfect but a lovely animated movie

This seems to be a movie that people either enjoy or virulently hate. I am one of those who enjoyed the movie and I am mystified by the virulence directed against it. Yes, it was a little long and obvious at times but the animation was simply gorgeous, especially the cave sequence. One poster said the animation was "too good" and felt that animation should look more cartoony. I think the value of animation, even if it is "too good", is that you can do things with animation that you could not otherwise do. And as other posters have said, this movie is actually about something. It is about the importance of having a mother and father raise their children. Because of the title, some posters seem to have missed that the movie is about the importance of having fathers as well. Think of how the Martian fathers ended up in the movie. The movie also touches on the difficulties of raising children and on the dangers of the modern move towards "efficiency" and outsourcing tasks to machines. The movie seems aimed at kids with the sometimes overdone Gribble character but I think the movie is more interesting to older audiences. I saw it with my parents and we all enjoyed it. We are long-time science fiction fans and we loved the science fiction aspects and the lovely scenes of Mars. I am usually disappointed by Mars movies but I liked this Mars movie the best. It was like Avatar Meets Mars. It wasn't perfect but it was lovely.

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