Lazy Susan



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Allison Janney as Velvet
Jim Rash as Phil
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Reviewed by drednm 9 / 10

If You Knew Susie

Oddball comedy/drama stars Sean Hayes as the middle-aged Susan, a lethargic slug of a woman who's on unemployment and is behind in her rent. She sits around all day long doing nothing and mooches money off her mother.

She has a dysfunctional family although she seems to be its main dysfunction. Brother is a doctors assistant and mama is a hypochondriac. Her best friend is a bit loony and together they have a flute and ukulele "band." Susan also has an old school rival, Velvet (Allison Janney), who works at the local K-Mart.

One day, a man in a truck rear ends her at a stop light, and so he becomes her boyfriend. Suddenly, Susan's life changes. Everything is fine until she discovers he is married. Susan goes back into her funk until a crisis forces her to take charge of her life and make some changes.

Hayes is excellent. He does nothing to enhance his female character. Susan is not a drag queen, but a frumpy woman in bad clothes and with bad hair. Janney is good as Velvet as is Margo Martindale as mama. Kiel Kennedy plays the brother and JIm Rash is the odious boyfriend. Matthew Broderick makes a cameo as the landlord.

Funny and touching in an odd way.

Reviewed by catpantry 5 / 10


After several months of sloathing, susan floats automatically to a rock concert in her sleep. When she wakes up from the noise she leaves.

Reviewed by muffintoprescue 3 / 10

Wanna-be Quirky Comedy Misfires on All Cylinders

Susan is a middle aged middle-American woman who has resisted employment or any form of life success for her entire life. That's it, that's the plot.

"Lazy Susan" wants to be a quirky movie about unlikable characters whom we come to like by the end of the movie, but it never quite hits the marks in any way, shape or form. Hayes stars as the titular Susan, a choice that never quite lives up to its intent. He plays the character straight-forwardly: she's a cis woman, not trans, nor are we ostensibly supposed to laugh because the woman character is played by a cis man actor. So what's the reason for the casting in the first place, then?

Nothing about Susan is likable: she's not just lazy, she's rude, self-centered and crass. Yet the writing and acting never take her quite toward 'quirky' enough to make her interesting. Likewise, the characters around her - a mean brother, an enabling mother, an accepting best-friend - are not fleshed out enough for us to understand their motivations.

By the end of the film we've come to understand that Susan became the way she is because no one in her life ever made her feel special, and the act of kindness from a virtual stranger seems to light enough of a spark in her to put together the bare minimum to become a functioning adult, but it happens in the course of the last five minutes with such randomness that it feels hollow.

Also the occasional gross out humor feels so misplaced that it's jarring.

The movie isn't good, and it's hard to pinpoint why other than that it tries so hard to be something that it's not, yet at the same time isn't anything at all.

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