John Henry


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27/10
IMDb Rating 3.3 10 277


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Terry Crews as John Henry
Ludacris as Hell
Maestro Harrell as Young Hell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivan_dmitriev 7 / 10

Symptom of a major social problem in the US

The 3.7 rating is very unfair, but it's probably because the reviewers were made uncomfortable by the truth of the tight integration of the criminals into the American society and the place they're given in this movie, as well as the acceptance and normalization of revenge and criminal behaviour.

the US still continues on its Soviet path of ideology over reality and mass incarceration/criminality which destroys its society from within, just like the Soviet Union 30 years ago.

Reviewed by denverdaveonline 1 / 10

Worst Film I Have Seen In Many Years

Everyone involved in this film should be embarrassed. It has a terrible story line, unnecessary extreme profanity, and is overall a two-thumbs-down candidate for "worst film ever made". It is an atrocious assault and assassination of the character of John Henry who was deemed a legendary hero and this movie is so awful it seems like it is a deliberate attempt to do so.

Terry Crews should be much more selective about the movie roles he chooses in the future or his career is going in the toilet where this movie belongs.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 8 / 10

I thought this was great!

It soaks it at the end but I totally love this film. It's a perfect homage to the black exploitation era. Very slow drive but worth it. Terry Crews gets to play a super hero from the streets. Makes me feel like he needs to get in one of those comic book costumes and get real with the superhero thing. Lucdaris plays the perfect street villains. Just really perfect. The music perfectly fit the vibe and the tone of the film. I think I actually was expecting Terry Crews to play the actually John Henry but what I got here was just as good. If you are a fan of 1970s black cinema get yourself in that headset to watch.

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