Isi & Ossi


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 935


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by olgameidelina 8 / 10

surprisingly good????

This movie was surprisingly entertaining. it's light and charming and the leads were adorable!!! definitely watch this if you're feeling bored and in need of some cliche romcom

PS: definitely better than 'to all the boys 2'

Reviewed by kysollesta 8 / 10

Light and Surprisingly Entertaining

I was bored so I took the chance. I tried to watch To all the boys I loved before part 2 the other night and that was a DNF for me, maybe because there were too many unnecessary scenes that made me give up on it halfway. But this.... this was something that I needed fast paced, just right and even if the trope is a very well used trope for romance the movie still surprised me every turn. The trailer didn't reveal too much which was great, also the acting was Brill and it all felt like it was made with much love from everyone. I would definitely recommend if you wanted to watch a cheer-me-up movie.

Reviewed by funny-24049 10 / 10

Best Funny movie for 2020

I loved the screenplay, light story it made me really laugh every minute, certainly i'll watch it again.. +21 good job cast????

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