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Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

An awesome horror slasher reboot Jared Padalecky was the best in this film

This reboot in my opinion is a great horror slasher film from 2009 mostly because of Jared Padalecki. In this reboot from Friday the 13th film series, Jared Padalecki from Supernatural was awesome in this. Both of the actors from Supernatural Jansen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in 2009 were playing in a horror slasher remakes the lead protagonists. Jensen Ackles tried with the film My Blood Valentine 3D playing Tom J. Hanniger the main protagonist. While Jared Padalecki tried his portrayal the protagonist Clay Miller in Friday the 13th (2009). I must say both of the actors did a good job in each horror slasher remakes! I watched both of the movies separately and I loved them. I love Jensen Ackles and I love Jared Padalecki! Jared Padalecki in my opinion did great and a lot better job then Jensen Ackles did in My Bloody Valentine 3D I have enjoyed Friday the 13th movie way better then I did My Bloody Valentine (2009). I seriously think this reboot is great slasher film and miles way better then My Blood Valentine and miles way better than A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) remake. That movie sucked so much, I hated it.

Do I think this movie is better than the original slasher film? No! Of course not Friday the 13th (1980) is a classic slasher horror film and my fifth favorite Friday the 13th film and it always will be. But it is a good horror movie entertaining and very intense, scary and creepy as well. Do I think Derek Mears is better Jason Voorhees than C.J. Graham and Kane Hodder? No I don't think so but in my opinion it is as good as the original film not better tough.

A group of young adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions.

I have the killer cut on Blu-ray that is more gory and scary the was the original version and it has a lot of scary moments in it. The movie scared me so many times at point.

Marcus Nispel directed this movie and I thought he did a good job directing it I like it a lot more then Freddy Vs. Jason cause I thought Derek Mears did way better job then Ken Kirzinger did.

Jared Padalecki was great as Clay Miller who was searching for his missing sister I love movies like this, I really miss movies like this. Why can't they make movies like this one today? Danielle Panabaker from The Flash is in this movie as Jenna and she does a good solid job. Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars is also in this film in which he is killed by Jason when he get's arrow in his head. Travis Van Winkle as Trent is also good as a selfish asshole he isn't that bad in this movie.

A lot of people dislike and hate this film I don't I like scary horror movies and this one is a guilty pleasure of mine and it is a movie I will always watch. I like it.

The problems with the film I have: first they rebooted all three films we see young woman cut Mrs. Voorhees head and escapes in present, suddenly we have Jason with a sack on his head when he later find's a hockey mask and becomes a slasher homicidal maniac he was before. What happened to that girl that killed Jason's mother? it was never explained what happened to her. Jason was way too smart killer in this movie, he kidnapped Whitney (Amanda Righetti) which I don't understand why. Jason never kidnapped people in the series before. Why did he kidnapped that girl and hold her a prisoner? it is weird. On the end of the movie after Clay and Whitney kills Jason and they throw him in the lake, why did Jason jump and grab Whitney when he was dead?, makes no sense to me. Other things I did enjoy this film and I have enjoy it better then My Bloody Valentine 3D. I have the killer cut in My Blu-ray collection in this movie and I hardly wait till I get whole franchise on Blu-ray, I am so happy.

Terror never dies. Producer Michael Bay and the director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre take you back to where the terrifying nightmare began. At Crystal Lake what started as the best weekend of their lives could quickly become their last, A group of teens, miles from civilization, are about to learn, one by one, that the lake has a bloody...past and it's ready for revenge.

Friday the 13th is a 2009 American slasher film written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, and directed by Marcus Nispel. The film is a reboot of the Friday the 13th film series, which began in 1980, and is the twelfth installment in the film series.

This movie get's A 9/10 it is my eight favorite Friday the 13th movie and I am glad I have enjoy this movie so damn much I highly recommended.

Reviewed by tennwo02 3 / 10

The Texas Chainsaw massacre Remake... Or was it Friday the 13th?

Did you know a horror franchise drowned a day before this week? The Producer and Directer weren't paying any attention... They were counting their money while that cult icon drowned. It's name was Friday the 13th. I watching the night it happened. Losing my temper... there. I was a fan. Friday the 13th should have been awesome. Every minute! It was... It wasn't a very good remake. We can give up now... fans.

You see Friday the 13th was my favorite movie... and today it was raped.

I mistakingly had high expectations of this movie. Of course I was bothered by the fact that Marcus Nispel, who did such a smash up job on Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, was directing. In fact besides the fact that Jason wore a hockey mask, had an affinity for machetes and his mother was in it for five seconds. It was almost impossible to differentiate between the two movies. Lots of slack jawed yokels and shaky camera action in the dark, just like Chainsaw. Poor story telling with numerous loose ends, just like Chainsaw. Terrible adaptation, just like Chainsaw.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little too hard on the movie. The first few minutes of the movie were incredible. Of coarse there' no rhyme or reason to Jason's return from the grave, but they never had on in the original either. The elements that they took from the first four movies were there, and yes I said 'Four' movies. There were elements from the Final Chapter despite what the propaganda says. The acting wasn't terrible. Yoo's character was probably the funniest character to ever be in a Friday the 13th to date. The under the dock kill was so classic that it felt like it belonged and it was good to see Jason in his old sack mask again.

Many key elements were there, but only for a second or two. Mrs. Voorhees head wasn't really elaborated on and wouldn't be caught as significant to anyone who hadn't seen the original movies. Despite all the hype about how Jason gets his hockey mask in this movie, it was a big let down and just seemed a little too convenient. The locals in the town were basically rejects from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In fact the scenery may have appeared New Englandish... but the locals just screamed, "I'm from Texas!"

Jason Voorhees. How could they screw up a character like Jason Voorhees? Give these folks a hand though. They did it. I started to realize that Jason wasn't quite himself around the sleeping bag death scene. First and foremost Jason is a killer, not a sadistic torturer. Sure he's done some pretty brutal things to his victims, but roasting a person alive, just isn't his style. It's too much set up for Jason honestly. Additionally, if Jason has you on the ground with a machete coming down at you, you are DEAD. He doesn't lock you in his basement and keep you alive for months because you're a pretty girl who looks like his mother. Jason kills. And he especially kills if you impersonate his mother.

The end... in more ways than one. When I watched the ending of this movie I literally had the feeling that I was ripped off. The pay off with the wood chipper wasn't even utilized here. And then for some reason the survivor(s), another thing that was lame, decided to dump his body in the lake. This means they had to actively decide it was a good idea to get rid of the evidence that they were not the manics that killed a bunch of people, but it also means that they had to take Jason out of the chipper, take the chain off his neck, remove his mask, and carry him all the way out to the dock. And if Jason was playing possum the entire time, why didn't he just kill them when he still had access to a wood chipper and a barn full of tools?

In fact this movie raised nothing but questions. Who killed Mrs. Voorhees? What ever happened to her? Why did Jason miraculously come back from the dead? Why was his body still intact after all those years in the lake? Why does Jason wear a mask? How did he keep the rats from eating his mother's head? Why did the local cops not bother investigating anything? How did Jason learn to hook up electricity to his camp? Why didn't the power company notice nobody's paying the electric bill for an abandoned summer camp? Why would Jason keep some girl chained up in his basement? Why do all the locals of Crystal Lake appear to have come from Texas? Why did they bother doing makeup for Jason when they show his face for maybe two frames of the whole movie? Why does Jason pop out of the lake at the end with his mask on? What were they thinking? Why did I see this miserable attempt to remake a great movie? Why am I wasting more time on a bad review? Why are you still reading?

All in all a terrible movie.

Reviewed by capkronos 3 / 10

Lousy remake/reboot/re-imagining/whatever the latest PR spin word is.

I didn't expect much of anything other than a few memorable kills and maybe a cheap jump scare here and there. This pathetic excuse for a movie couldn't even deliver that much. For starters, I personally can't stand how recent horror movies are shot. Everything has the same dark, muddy and flat-looking quality, with no real clarity of picture and irritating shakycam going into overdrive during 90 percent of the horror/action scenes because far too many directors today aren't talented enough to stage an effective horror or action scene without it. The gore was often even hard to make out because of the camera-work, too, which renders something like this almost completely pointless. And while the 1980s Friday films aren't what I'd call genre classics, you could at least clearly make out the gory scenes instead of getting a split flash of some CGI effect while the cameraman goes into a seizure. Bah-humbug, I know. But I swear I really did try my best to like this one. Honest!

Defenders of this latest bargain basement remake will say things like...

"It's not supposed to have a storyline or plot!" or "The acting is supposed to be bad!" or "The dialogue is supposed to be stupid!" or "The characters are supposed to be unbearably obnoxious and annoying!" or "It's not supposed to be scary!" Well OK then. I'd now like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Nispel for making an unscary, ugly-looking, suspense-free movie with bad acting, terrible dialogue, forgettable kills and annoying characters. Way to go Marcus!

What other "goodies" do we get here? Let's see...

For some reason, the film opens with all the credits but waits until about twenty minutes in to reveal the TITLE.

Half of the dialogue seems to consist of either the "f" word or "dude." And what's up with every person talking to themselves? Every time a person was alone they were having a conversation. With whom? I have no clue. When a floorboard creaks it's not really necessary to have someone say "What was that? I better go upstairs and see what that is!" Or, in Friday remake terms it's more like... "What tha @#!* was that @#!* ? Dayum I need to go up doz @#!*' stairs to investigate me some @#!*!" The characters are all pretty awful - a bunch of annoying, smug, self-satisfied, foul-mouthed twits who seem like they need to immediately be committed to a rehab program. Naturally all the white characters get to pair off and have sex, while no one seems the least bit interested in the one black and one Asian character. Since the black guy can't get laid he's reduced to pleasuring himself while listening to whitey going at it upstairs. At least three different male victims said "What the @#!*?" when they were confronted with Jason. The black guy had a slight variation though since he's black. Seriously, whoever wrote this should be embarrassed.

The cast was also bad. Travis Van Winkle should never act again. What is the appeal of this guy anyway? He can't act for squat and resembles Vincent from the Beauty and the Beast TV series. And Jared Padalecki (though one of the better actors here) would probably look better without the Farrah Fawcett hairdo. I had a very difficult time telling the actresses they hired apart. When blonde #1 was killed and they cut back to the cabin to blonde #2 I was like "I thought she was already dead?" And then there's a missing sister, who I kept confusing with the rich jock's girlfriend toward the end. If you can hire a black and an Asian actor to help diffuse all the shaggy-haired white boys, then why can't you hire an attractive black or Asian actress? Preferrably one who isn't sporting a set of distracting and unnatural-looking silicone cans like several actresses in this film. No wonder Willa Ford couldn't keep herself under water for long! Note to parents: If your daughter begs you for a set of DD bolt-on's for her 18th birthday, get her a Prada handbag instead. She'll thank you later.

The film is full of extremely stupid moments and scenes. Getting hit directly in the head by a speedboat going about 50 miles per hour will only result in a tiny little boo-boo. And the extensive lair of underground catacombs under Jason's house? Did Jason dig all that out or is it some sewer system in the middle of the woods? Maybe a former coal mine... with an escape hatch through an overturned school bus? Whaaaaaaa? Then we have Jason keeping a hostage. Well, the Jason I like don't play like that. Are they trying to now "humanize" him like Rob Zombie did with Michael Myers in his equally wretched "remake" of HALLOWEEN? Urghhh...

It all leads up to an ending that fails just as badly as the rest of the movie. The original has that legendary moment that made people jump from their seats while the people who made this botched that opportunity because of a completely awful editing cut. So sad to say, this was sloppy, irritating and pretty much just plain boring. It could have been fun. It's not. JASON GOES TO HELL and JASON X were even better than this!

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