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Reviewed by brn-turner 10 / 10

Rev up your percolator and get ready to achieve ALL! in your knowledge of The Descendents/All!

If you don't already know The Descendents are a legendary punk band that originated in the late 70's. Alongside seminal bands like Black Flag, Minutemen, Circle Jerks and a plethora of others, they led the charge of early 80's SoCal punk rock. If you're a hardcore Descendents/All fan you will go nuts for this and if you're just a casual viewer you'll find it a very well put together, in depth look at one of the most influential punk bands of all time.

I've never written a review on here but noticed there were none for this awesome doc. It deserves one and a good one at that. The filmmakers are obviously huge fans and really put great efforts into getting great interviews! I put it right up there with We Jam Econo: The Story of The Minutemen as a must own for any punk rock aficionado! Check it out!

Reviewed by sometimelater 10 / 10


Descendents are one of a kind. all the songwriting is so unbelievable. bill stevenson is the bionic man on many levels. ALL. it's so rare & nice to see recognition when there was none. a well produced doc, could have perhaps been better by including some more live music or studio stuff, but still how could this get anything less than 10 stars. they did a good job at telling the story. could have been longer. amazing story, amazing people. incredible, valuable, tight musicians.

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