El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 91%
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Reviewed by sebastianmitton 8 / 10

A farewell to Jesse Pinkman

El Camino was to Jesse, what Felina was to Walt.

I was fine with how Breaking Bad ended, and was fine with how they left Jesse's character driving off into the night. But over the last few episodes of Breaking Bad, the show focused more on Walt and very little on his off sider.

El Camino was the farewell to Mr Pinkman that we didn't quite get from Breaking Bad.

Before the movie came out I had asked the question " is this going to be a story worth telling?"

My answer? Yes, El Camino was a story worth being told.

Reviewed by amazingkick 9 / 10

People are expecting too much

Everyone thought that El Camino would be better or equal to Breaking Bad; but the thing is you can't surpass perfection. Breaking Bad is undoubtedly the best or at least one of the best TV series of all time. Just because it isn't better than BrBa doesn't mean it sucks. This film is Jesse's Felina. Wonderful cinematography, great acting, great directing by Gilligan and fan favorite characters return. It however has slow pacing but all in all is a solid film.

Reviewed by Nikhil-S 8 / 10

Two more episodes to BB

This movie is like 2 more episodes to BB. Won't disappoint you. Its not a thriller but a slow paced movie showing the fate of Pinkman.

Given total justice to BB series.

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