Death Walks on High Heels


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Reviewed by bensonmum2 7 / 10

More plot twists than a mountain road and boatload of red herrings.

A jewel thief is brutally murdered on a train by a masked assailant. But when the murderer is unable to locate any diamonds, the murderer immediately suspects that the thief's daughter, a Parisian stripper named Nicole (Nieves Navarro aka Susan Scott), may have the diamonds. Nicole, however, claims to know nothing of the diamonds. After a series of threats, both verbal and physical, Nicole decides to flee France with a man she hardly knows. The pair begin a seemingly ideal relationship in a secluded seaside village. But Nicole is unaware that the killer has followed her to England and will stop at nothing to get his hands on the diamonds.

What a fun Giallo! Death Walks on High Heels has one of the most convoluted plots I've run into - even by Giallo standards. While the movie may lack the quantity of murder scenes found in other Gialli (although at least one murder scene is as violent as they come), Death Walks on High Heels makes up for this shortcoming with more plot twists than a mountain road and boatload of red herrings. It had me guessing (incorrectly, I might add) up to the very end. It's all about the mystery and director Luciano Ercoli skillfully casts the shadow of suspicion on just about everyone in the cast. Much of the movie is told quite nicely in flashbacks with bits and pieces of the story being revealed as each person confesses to what they may or may not have seen. There's even a pair of bumbling Scotland Yard detectives who are (surprise, surprise) actually funny. Overall, Death Walks on High Heels is very well done.

The acting is a notch or two above what I've come to expect in a Giallo. The highlight, at least for me, is Nieves Navarro. She is amazing as Nicole. I didn't think I would ever say this, but I think she might have been capable of challenging Edwige Fenech in my mind as the Queen of the Giallo had she made a few more of these movies. I'm looking forward to checking out more of her work.

As much as I enjoyed Death Walks on High Heels, it's not without its flaws. Chief among them, at least to me, is a "cheat" with respect to one of the murders. I don't want to give anything away, but there is one particularly nasty murder that the killer could not have committed given the circumstances immediately following the murder. Hopefully, with repeat viewings, I can reconcile this point in my mind and just enjoy the movie for what it is.

Finally, and I'm really starting to sound like a shill, NoShame's new DVD is fantastic. I would have never dreamed that a movie like Death Walks on High Heels would look this good. Bravo NoShame!

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 8 / 10

A really fun giallo that is more than a little of a fishy tale

A really fun giallo that is more than a little of a fishy tale. We get a strange seller of fish on the beach, always popping up, an extraordinary attempt at erotic fish eating and absolutely masses of red herrings. But aside from all that this is a most convoluted tale where nobody could predict the outcome, let alone the hilarious pair from Scotland Yard. Indeed more humour than usual in this slightly longer than usual sparkling giallo. Not filled with killings but when they come they are most effective and explicit, and the sexiness of the opening with the Crazy Horse setting continues throughout, mainly thanks to Nieves Navarro. Opening in Paris then, we move to London, some fine night shots near The Windmill, and finally to 'the countryside, which I had always assumed to be somewhere in the UK but, the clue is in the co-production status and is I learn in fact Spain. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 / 10

Complex Screenplay with Many Twists

After a heist, the notorious jewel thief Rochard is murdered in a train. In Paris, his daughter Nicole Rochard (Susan Scott), who is a stripper, is summoned by the police that wants to know the whereabouts of valuable diamonds that her father had stolen. She goes with her boyfriend Michel Aumont (Simon Andreu) and tells that does not know anything about the missing diamonds. During the night, a blue eye masked man breaks in her apartment and threatens her, asking where the diamonds are. Nicole seeks protection with Michel but in the morning she finds contact lens in his bathroom and she suspects Michel may be the masked man. She seeks out her costumer Dr. Robert Matthews (Frank Wolff), who had hit on her, and she asks him if she could go with in to London. Matthews, who is married, brings Nicole to a house by the sea in a village and she poses of his wife. But soon the masked man comes to England and begins a crime spree. The Scotland Yard Inspector Baxter (Carlo Gentili) and his assistant are assigned to investigate the case . "La morte cammina con i tacchi alti", a.k.a. "Death Walks on High Heels", is a giallo with a complex screenplay with many twists. There are many suspects but the killerĀ“s identity is unexpected. The conclusion is well-resolved. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Morte Caminha de Salto Alto" ("The Death Walks on High Heels")

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