Das perfekte Geheimnis


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1653


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Frederick Lau as Simon Schifferdecker
Katja Riemann as (voice)
Karoline Herfurth as Carlotta Keschwari
Elyas M'Barek as Leo Keschwari
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larslersmacher 8 / 10

One of the best german movies in the last 20 years

To be honest I mostly don't like the movies of my country. I'm always thinking why they don't make movies on a quality like the french. So I was a little bit upset as my girlfriend wanted to see this one. But this movie is really good. The story and acting is in a really good balance. It goes deep but not too deep. It is dramatic but with the right amount of releasing laughter. And without an to dramatic end. Although we had a fun time after the movie talking about real intimate stories with our friends. I really enjoyed it and I really hope other german movie maker watched and learned about what is possible even in germany.

Reviewed by thomas-leitha 6 / 10

Have a laugh and a drink

Don't expect deep truth or drama, this movie is probably the best German sitcom you'll ever encounter and the closest a German script comes to the early Woody Allen. The basic idea (don't show ur mobile to your partner) is not too clever and according to another review has been screened before, but the actors play well, not all of the story's twists are predictable and I enjoyed the movie. Most of the jokes are about sex but you have to lack any sense of humor if you find them offensive or against heteros or homos. Take it for what it is, a light comedy.

Reviewed by gerdtebben 10 / 10

Smart and unexpectedly brilliant German comedy

I am not a fan of German comedies at all, having suffered through numerous Til Schweiger movies amongst others. That's why I was totally surprised by "Das perfekte Geheimnis". It is a very dense movie experience, similar to theater. If you have seen "Carnage" you know what I mean. Almost all of the plot takes place in the living room of one couple. The actors are brilliant, the plot is very clever (although taken from the French/Italian origignal title). And the movie has an air of quality that almost all other German comedies so hurtingly lack. As for the criticism of homophoby and misogyny, I was surprised when reading about it. Yes, there are characters using careless language about their gay friend. But those are immediately corrected by other, more sensitive friends. Also, the topic of child care by either men or women is discussed. But I couldn't see any specific trend towards misogyny. The spite is distributed evenly between men and women, and quite funniliy I might add. Overall, I find it hard, if not impossible to burden a comedy with the duty to carry a perfect picture of a perfect society. Go see it!

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