Dark Encounter


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Laura Fraser as Olivia
Vincent Regan as Morgan
Alice Lowe as Arlene
Nicholas Pinnock as Sheriff Reese Jordan
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Reviewed by S_Soma 7 / 10

Close Encounters of the Third Kind meets the Polly Klaas Murder

This review is marked as containing spoilers and I'd like to underscore that here. DO NOT READ this review if you want to avoid spoilers. You have been warned.

DARK ENCOUNTER is probably the strangest movie I've ever seen.

In 1980s Pennsylvania an 8-year-old girl, named Maisie, disappears from her family home while her parents are out. She isn't found.

On the first year anniversary of her disappearance, the remaining members of her family consisting of her father, mother and brother together with several aunts and uncles, return to the family home after a small anniversary ceremony. That evening, Maisie's father Ray sees some lights a little ways away and assumes its troublesome neighbor boys playing with flares again and begins to set out to have a "pleasant talk" with them. Since Ray has a reputation of interacting with people in unproductive ways and therefore needs constant chaperoning, every single male family member/relation pile into Ray's truck to make sure things proceed "pleasantly".

As soon the country truck full of guys arrives in the area where the supposed flares were observed, weird, alien-related things start to happen and people begin disappearing in the de rigueur, alien-abduction sort of way.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, literally, the stuck-at-home women begin having peculiar experiences of their own, frightening though less dramatic.

The remaining male members soon return home and a regulation alien siege sets in.

When the alien festivities begin to wind down, there's only 3 family members left un-abducted and they're picked up by the local police whilst trotting down a local road. Just tryin' to get away.

The police return the 3 remainders back home and get a description of the night's events from them. The police then leave making a promise to return within an hour more prepared to deal with the situation. Not long after they leave, during broad daylight, the alien-driven party activities recommence, only this time the alien's motivation is revealed.

Super spoiler alert: the aliens have come to bear witness and give testimony against the perpetrator of the disappearance and murder of little Maisie. As it turns out, it's one of the uncles. Ah, well. There's an uncle like that in every family.

On the positive side, DARK ENCOUNTER is a spectacularly well-executed movie. Production values are top-flight, the cinematography simply could not be better, the ambience of alien-ness, the spooky music and so on are all excellent.

What REALLY didn't work for me is the bizarre story. We're supposed to buy into the notion that an ultimately-advanced alien race apparently makes an epic larger-than-the-scale-of-the-universe journey (depicted in the movie as a 1977 POWERS OF TEN--esque sequence) to drop dime on a human child killer.

But first, rooroo. The aliens only reveal their altruistic motives AFTER hot rodding around in their space hot rods and torturing the dumb-animal humans for a night and a day in their inimitable, straight-out-of-CLOSE-ENCOUNTERS-OF-THE-THIRD-KIND space-alien custom. Appliances freaking out, toys going on walk about, all sorts of blinding, purty lights blazing in through windows, kidnappings and so on. Why, the space aliens are so clever and advanced that in one scene a woodblock-full of knives, pointy end first, go streaking across the kitchen to embed themselves half-way to haft into a wall. The only reason they didn't bury themselves to the hilt in the youngest family member is somebody else pushed the kid out of the way just in time. THWACK ning-ning-ning-ning-ning-ning!

All this bizarre stuff with good music and stunning cinematography makes pretty entertaining viewing but as a story it makes no sense at all. It's very similar to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND in this respect. In fact, the only salient difference between CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and DARK ENCOUNTER (yes, even their names overlap) is that in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, the space aliens went on a human-hazing spree as a lead up to puttin' on a formal meet-and-greet, while in DARK ENCOUNTER the aliens went on a human-hazing spree as a lead up to ratting out a child killer. Space-alien shenanigans are very entertaining and I enjoyed them for their own sake because they're scary and creepy. From a story perspective, it makes no sense at all unless you're down with viewing super-advanced space aliens as nothing more than highly evolved and technically proficient juvenile delinquents. Maybe with tentacles. If human beings engaged in the same kind of behavior as the space aliens they'd end up doing some sincere jail time.

It is however such a well-made movie that, while it can be a little slow at times, I still recommend it.

Reviewed by redsabin 8 / 10

Quite a trip

While the movie starts off as would any other tale of abduction, with the same old tropes, the build up to what can only be described as a rollercoaster of emotions in the third act makes it all worthwhile. If you're reading this, give this movie a chance.

Reviewed by info-33728-30040 8 / 10

Original, Different and not at all what I expected! Good Job

There was a brief mention in the beginning to explain the connection to the other worldly being; however, it was never really pulled together enough to give me any satisfaction - and perhaps, that is a well played approach considering the end. Being that they were Orbs of lights would suggest not so much Aliens, but more like angels is my hunch.

Also all the china on the open shelves were in impeccable order, but knives fly across the kitchen and other rattlings, but not one dish falls off the shelf?

The shot gun at the basement door. In the shooting scene it looked as though she had plenty of distance to the door, but when the cop comes and a) bad - picks up a bullet with his bare hands, you see the distance from wall to door, so wouldn't the holes in the door be significantly different, like bigger maybe. b) the Sheriff picks up the knife, also with bare hands.

The Sheriff scene when they locate the missing girl and his dramatic performance makes no sense - as there was not significant emotional connection made any time throughout the film. If there was, it must have been pretty darn fast. It can be assumed in so many ways, but I felt that was really lacking in connection, which made it an annoying scene, especially when the forensic team makes way for his approach.

There were a few weak moments for sure, but it really didn't upset the flow. I did have a problem with the mother in the later reveal sequence of looking through the sheers instead of frantically trying to open them to get a better look at her daughter, which would have been much more convincing, a missed opportunity for sure. That took away from the integrity of the mother character, and could have been fully played up in the last part of the viewing sequence, keeping the sheers closed to minimize the truth when that part happened.

A good one time viewing and although a suprisingly unique twist at the end, it was heavy, deep and well done. Leaving me at the end with WTH? I so didn't expect that at all, but in a good way.

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