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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jp_91 6 / 10

Artistic erotic film!

Curiosa is an interesting erotic film about a woman's love and her sexuality, feminism crashing with machismo, a strange relationship about a free soul married woman who sometimes is a submissive object for love to a casanova photographer. The music score is amazing and the performances are correct, great filming locations, costumes and cinematography. The erotic scenes are perfectly filmed. Negative points are that sometimes the script is very slow and repetitive.

A good erotic art film based on true events, but it could be much better, something is missing.

Reviewed by dcarroll74 1 / 10

What a disappointment.

I went into this movie with open eyes, and left with drooping eyes, full of disappointment. The premise of the movie showed much promise, and delivered nothing.

It was virtually impossible to keep apace, with what was meant to be a chronological story. It kept jumping from scene to scene, with no continuity, or purpose. The constant change from close up to wide angle, with no apparent purpose other that to show it could be done, gave me a headache.

As to the editing of each scene, if it had been made on 35mm or 70mm, it appeared that some "negatives" were reversed, and we were seeing mirror images of the actors, instead of the actual images.

Finally, as I do not speak French, I watched with English subtitles. That was it's final downfall. Using Google Translate does not work at any time, and is disgraceful in language translation for a movie. Laziness has no place in art, at any time. This was a movie purporting to deal with art, art never appeared. What a shame.....

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