Cold Fish


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 74%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 10288


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qba-01846 10 / 10

Everything One Wants (But More Of It)

What a film! Sono has done it again. This film has it all.

First, the plot. It is the tranquil setting of a family that is anything but as soon the silence is shattered with events that make the unit fall apart.

There are normal and usual films. Nowadays these are whatever Marvel fantasy Disney is releasing every second week or the usual film with Helen Mirren or Samuel Jackson jumping around for no consequence.

Then there are films that give you violence, blood, sexiness and zaniness. Many do not like these films but have to give it to the rest of us that these films are at least a break from the ordinary and in this case quite masterful. Let me freely admit that as a man the power of those legs, breasts, long hair and hiked skirt sex makes me excited, but Cold Fish is just a cut above.

Reviewed by 012345678 10 / 10

Feel Bad Cinema

Even though the protagonist (Shamoto) is an adult, this is essentially a coming-of-age movie in a doomed world. Shamoto is introduced to Murata, a psychopath. Everyone seems to do what Murata wants them to, including Shamoto's wife and daughter. Shamoto tries to go against the grain, to say 'I don't want things to be like this.' But he finds himself alone against everything and has to learn some unpleasant truths about the world.

This is a very bleak movie and over-the-top in its negativity. It can be hard to watch at times but the violence is not gratuitous. It serves a purpose. The (brilliant) ending would not have the same impact without what came before.

Even though this is a crazy, overblown movie about a psycho killer, it only uses that as framework to address more universal issues of abuse, authority, dependency and responsibility.

I don't usually write reviews here. Just wanted to defend a very good, tragic and thought-provoking movie. This is definitely not just more gore for gore's sake.

Reviewed by pimihy 10 / 10

Best Film Ever

Evocative, attractive, hot, hawt, action, violence, gore, blood, skanks and a psychopath existing, breathing and living in plain sight! What else do you need? The babes are bablicious!

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