By Day's End


Horror / Romance

IMDb Rating 3 10 35


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Bill Oberst Jr. as Dr. Harold Rittmeyer
Maria Olsen as Ms. Tibbs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lifelinespublishing 5 / 10

better than the rating

Honestly, there are worse movies than this and I have watched a lot of them's true that the story is really simple and you can clearly see where the movie is going by the first few minutes of the film but the redeeming factor of this is the suspense and horror of the whole movie., while the acting may be sub par, the director makes up for it through the scares in the film.

I would not recommend it if you're a die hard horror fan, you may be disappointed but if you're new to the genre, this may give you a start.


Reviewed by darrell-23715 4 / 10

It's ok...!

If you can get past the camera angles, it's an ok film.

Reviewed by DarianFisher 1 / 10

Student film at best

I'm sorry but I hope this film was made by either a bunch of film school students or a low budget indie group because it failed on all spectrums. The acting was almost comical it was so dreadful and the script and story line had more holes than swiss cheese. I actually sat through the whole movie hoping for some redeeming value to it but feel like I just wasted an hour and 15 minutes of my life for a dreadful and depressing ending.

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