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Jennifer Tilly as Violet
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Christopher Meloni as Johnnie Marzzone
Joe Pantoliano as Caesar
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Reviewed by Anonymous_Maxine 10 / 10

The Wachowski brothers showed their talents long before The Matrix, but hardly anyone noticed because Bound is nearly direct-to-video material.

Any way you look at it, Bound is a sex thriller. The story is very engaging and the direction is absolutely incredible, but the whole lesbian thing really overshadows all of that, which severely limits the impact that this movie could have had. Gina Gershon stars as a tough woman who falls in love with Jennifer Tilly, who happens to be the girlfriend of a gangster (Joe Pantoliano). The two concoct a scheme to steal $2 million from the mob, and this story is presented very skillfully and interestingly.

Ironically enough, you have to look past all of the lesbian action between Tilly and Gershon in order to really experience the skill that this movie is full of. Bound is Larry and Andy Wachowskis' writing and directing debut, proving that they had the skills from the start. The style that made The Matrix so good can be seen in nearly every shot in this film, and this style is probably the best part of the whole movie.

But the excellent directing wasn't the only thing that made Bound so good. This is an great gangster film, despite a few cheesy or flawed moments. For example, it was a little weird that the mobsters who came to Pantoliano's apartment - suspicious of the murder that had recently taken place which Pantoliano was desperately trying to cover up - didn't see their own bloody footprints on the carpet, or at least feel the blood squishing up through the carpet as they walked on it. But that's okay, because where else can you see $2 million hung up in an apartment on dozens of wires, drying after having blood washed off of it? This is good stuff.

Gershon and Tilly work perfectly on screen, and not just in the sex scenes. Their unique relationship was made interesting by their skillful acting, which was best when they were beginning to distrust each other. Hey, that's what happens when you put your life into the hands of someone you just met. Gershon, in particular, delivered an excellent performance, flawlessly bringing out her masculine side to play the strong role in her relationship with Tilly. There is something to be said about a sex thriller that is as good and as engaging as Bound, because they never really are any good, you know? Don't be put off by this element of the film, because Bound is a trashy movie that definitely deserves your attention.

Reviewed by BobbiCrow 10 / 10

Perfect Noir Film- loved it!

Late last night I caught 'BOUND'on the Independent Film Channel, and am still thinking about this film, shot in Red, White, and Black which further underlined the noir nature. Gina Gerson and Joe Pantoliano were memorable, as was everyone else- even the two policemen who come to check things out, having received a call about gunshots having been overheard. Clever, funny, occasionally sexy, but it hold your attention as the story unfolds and introduces many story lines. Unfortunately I am NOT a fan of Jennifer Tilly- her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard to me- but she was perfect for this role.

The final scene was perfect, and I didn't see it coming, which always pleases me. Check it out- you'll be glad you did.

Reviewed by neil-476 9 / 10

Gosh, what a surprise

Let's get one thing straight at the start - the Brits aren't very good at sex. Obviously we're good enough to procreate and what have you, but when it comes to movies, we don't have a clue. What's more, we still have a strong streak of the Victorian puritan ethic running through us. This accounts for the fact that, in the period running up to Bound's cinema release, certain British newspapers hyped up the explicit lesbian content with a kind of outraged glee.

And, of course, when someone says "Disgusting - it ought to be banned!" then you want to see it all the more, don't you? So there I am, looking forward to a little girl on girl action (and it's there alright, filmed in tasteful arty stark contrast), and what do I get? A bloody good crime thriller, that's what.

There are many comments here, so I'll just say two things.

One, this is not the outrageous lesbian free-for-all which it was made out to be by certain elements of the British press. The relationship between the two women is absolutely essential to the credibility of what follows.

And, two, this is a film which you watch for the first time in a state of almost unbearable stress. I do not recall ever seeing another film in which extreme tension is maintained so well for such a sustained period.

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