Between Two Ferns: The Movie



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 74%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 19


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baraghinandrei-38327 4 / 10


The bloopers at the end was the best part of the movie.

Reviewed by mark-23851 6 / 10

Credit outtakes almost make up for rest of movie

It was watchable and had a few humorous moments throughout but I laughed much more during the credit outtakes than during any other part of the film. They probably should have just rolled that for 90 minutes.

Reviewed by Wililjam 6 / 10

The best thing about the movie are the interviews....

.... unfortunately, the movie lacks interviews. The plot of this movie is simple and kind of boring, not going to lie about that. What makes it watchable and funny are the interviews as well as the blooper reel at the end, other than that there's basically nothing funny about the movie.

I thought the idea of making a Between Two Ferns movie was a good one, and it was, in theory. I just expected something else. I expected more interviews and The Office vibes, but this was just a mess.

If you like the web-series, you'll probably enjoy the movie, maybe. I'd suggest just skipping through to the interviews, instead of watching the whole thing. 6/10, just because of the interviews and the blooper reel at the end.

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