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Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 5 / 10

Let's face it, if you're looking for depth and a meaning, you've put the wrong movie in your machine

There are some films that are bad, infamous bad and Barb Wire is one of those I have heard about. Some bad films are trashy but can be a bit fun, like Showgirls and some can just be wrong like Striptease. Barb Wire is a film I guess in some way I'm kind of undecided on, it has the making for just a bad movie with Pamela's bad acting but has the action scenes and cheesy lines that make it fun as well. This movie is a retelling of Cassablanca and isn't so quick to hide that fact, so I guess this is the exotic remake. Pam Anderson is a sexy female lead and isn't that hard to believe that at times she can be tough, she does wear that leather well I have to admit, but some of the way she delivers the lines was a little too Shaquil O'Neil, I think if you're going to do a movie like this, you might as well go over the top, go a little James Woods, it's all good. But we need a fun action film with the lead being female, just sad that this is a bad film that got overlooked.

Set in 2017 during the "Second American Civil War", Barb Wire owns the Hammerhead, a nightclub in Steel Harbor "the last free city" in a United States ravaged by the civil war and she brings in extra cash by hiring out as a mercenary and bounty hunter. Her club is raided by Chief of Police Willis, who is looking for the fugitive Dr. Corrina "Cora" Devonshire. Devonshire, a former government scientist, has information about a bioweapon being developed by her former superior, Colonel Pryzer of the Congressional Directorate; she is trying to escape to Canada in order to make this information public. Meanwhile, Devonshire has turned up at the Hammerhead. She is accompanied by Axel Hood, a "freedom fighter" whom Barb had known at the outbreak of the war, but the two were separated soon afterward. Axel is now married to Cora, and is trying to help her get to Canada. They are trying to find a contraband pair of contact lenses which will allow Cora to evade the retinal scan at the Steel Harbor airport. The lenses pass through the hands of several lowlifes before also ending up at Barb's nightclub.

Barb Wire really wasn't as bad as I was expecting, even though it's just a remake of a classic romantic movie, it does have some cool moments. I loved some of the action scenes, the fight on the fork lift was a lot of fun to watch and since the movie doesn't take itself too seriously, it's all good and makes the fight scenes that more exciting. I guess I could say that I enjoyed the movie a little bit, I suppose it's a new guilty pleasure. Pam Anderson may be an awful actress, but it's not like I was looking for an Oscar worth movie when I decided to watch it. But I have a feeling that the director has some serious sexual issues considering some of the strange erotic torture devices used in the film are a bit much, maybe I don't want to know. If you have an open mind and are looking for a good bad film, I think you'll get a kick out Barb Wire. However just think if you're looking for an actual action film with good acting, just look at the cover, enough said.


Reviewed by The_Movie_Cat 7 / 10

"Have you ever heard of overkill?"

Picture this: a Pamela Anderson science fiction double bill on television. I mean, you'd just HAVE to watch it, wouldn't you? Just to see how bad it was.

1995's Naked Souls kept making me look for the "TV Movie" credit that wasn't there. A cheap and exploitative "erotic thriller" where Pammie exposes her left breast within the first three minutes of the movie. Anderson is an artist, specialising in plaster-casting nude women, rubbing mixture over their breasts while they proclaim "it feels kinda sexy". Her boyfriend, decently played by Brian Krause, is studying brain wave patterns and accidentally crosses his own with that of a serial killer. It's all very silly and derivative, also involving a Faustian pact with a mysterious benefactor. What disturbs is that all the victims of the killer are nude women ? I mean, who gets into a swimming pool naked? ? meaning the film uses sexual violence as titillation. Dean Stockwell, in a minor role, is wasted in stuff like this.

If Anderson's role in the predictable Naked Souls was peripheral (and also completely irrelevant to the plot), then Barb Wire sees her take over the screen. Released the following year, this saw the now Pamela Anderson Lee as the titular character, a Barbarella of the 90s. Of course she can't act ? she only manages one expression throughout the whole two hours ? but her assured performance is wonderful here. While it's easy to lump both these films together as trash entertainment, Barb Wire is so much more than that. A vibrant, witty and well-directed cartoon for the screen, its constant energy is a delight. What really appeals is in seeing the sheer amount of cinema pastiches the film rigs up. Batman, Never Say Never Again and even The A-Team are all parodied. But most significantly, it shares multiple plot similarities with Casablanca, and I honestly suspect that this was intentional. Or would its 2017 planes really be so old-fashioned? Barb is a neutral bar owner during a war by day (ring a bell?) a vixen for hire by night. The landscape she occupies is an excitingly neon world of legalised prostitution, engineered diseases and sophisticated contact lenses.

Maybe the opening moments ? Anderson Lee exposing her bare nipples while water washes over them to a baying crowd ? are tacky and unnecessary. The scenes that follow also contain a torture sequence that is not only misguided in its attempt to arouse but also transparent in its purpose for expository dialogue. Yet beyond those first few scenes we have an action movie that contains above-average scripting for the genre, and some fun moments. It's amusing to try and guess whether Pam knew she was being kitsch or whether she genuinely believed she was giving a good performance. But whatever the answer, it still gets a laugh when a rowdy customer finds his genitals in the mouth of her rabid Rottweiler. "Sit", she tells the dog, much to the drunk's displeasure. "Now, you don't want to see her roll over, do you?"

All the criticisms that can be made against this film ? that it's badly acted, appallingly scripted, dumb and sexist (even though none of them are 100% true anyway) ? can be disputed by the fact that it's SUPPOSED to be badly acted, appallingly scripted, dumb and sexist. This is a film that never pretends to be anything other than a pumped-up, camp and downright silly movie. What's more, it succeeds in being more entertaining and convincing than many of the "straight" versions of the same format, with particular note drawn to it's fight scenes. They may be excessive and lack maturity, but they're shot beautifully and are fun to watch. I'm not a huge fan of action pictures, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. If you want a film that possesses depth and integrity, then see something else. If you want a lovably stupid movie, with Pamela Anderson sticking out her little finger as she burns rubber on a motorbike, then watch this. Tremendous fun.

Reviewed by Hamstur 7 / 10

Proper expectations

While Barb Wire isn't an Academy style good movie, it succeeds wonderfully at what it is: a comic book translated to film. It's over-acted and over-the-top, but it's supposed to be. It's great eye candy and lots of fun to watch. I think Pamela Anderson did a great job being a two-dimensional comic book hero - think Clint Eastwood spaghetti western with tight leather. Keep in mind what the film is trying to be and you'll have a great time.

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