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Lizzy Caplan as Gena
Kirsten Dunst as Regan
Rebel Wilson as Becky
Isla Fisher as Katie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sophieelizabethgreen 1 / 10

Missed something...

Sorry...was I supposed to like any of these characters? was I supposed to feel my heart warming at the points where the string music started up in the background? I don't write reviews. This was so awful that I persevered through the incomprehensible validation words to register an account on here.

All the characters (bar the ones that are barely in it) are truly hateable. Seriously. No redeeming qualities.

So you kind of hate yourself and you're really sad? you stick your fingers down your throat to make yourself beautiful? you had an abortion? Does that actually mean you have to be a total bitch to your 'friend'?

Fatties are fair game and there's loads of easy stereotypical fun to get your teeth into. Brilliant. A film where the men are assholes and the women are worse. What a waste of 2 hours of my life. Only watched to the end in the vain hope that there would be some kind of 'Melancholia' (another dire film, but, unbelievably - better than this) ending where everyone was wiped out. No such luck. Truly life unaffirming. Enjoy.

Reviewed by bgriffinbratt 1 / 10

Absolutely terrible film.

I cannot believe that ANYONE actually liked this movie. I was shocked that so many young actors I normally love to watch agreed to be a part of this terrible work. The only decent character in the entire film spent the film being treated like utter trash by the other three characters, who I guess we were supposed to sympathize with? I was consistently disgusted with how cruel, dishonest, and totally lacking in any kind of caring all of the 'bridesmaids' were. How did these people ever even become friends with the bride? They made fun of her and seemed to hate her behind her back. There was nothing funny and certainly nothing inspirational about anything that happened in this movie. All I could think was that the bride deserved better people for company, and that all of these people were total dirtbags. I kept hoping for things to turn around and someone to learn an important lesson or at least make a really good joke, and it just never happened at all.

This movie was a waste of time, and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I literally registered on this website just so I could warn people about this awful movie. Yea. It was THAT bad.

Reviewed by lucyedonaldson 7 / 10

Not what you think it will be

This movie is funny once you get it. There is a big dip in quality the middle of the film (cliches and ridiculous scenarios) and it gets below average, but the writing upkicks again and it end well.

The overall trouble with this film is the characters and friendships are not established very well. As a result, it takes a while for the viewer to believe the premise of the movie (ie: why are three popular girls going to the unpopular girl's wedding as her bridesmaids?). The aspect that I struggled to understand the most, is that the director/writers do not make clear WHY the women remain friends. Yes, we know they went to High School together, obviously, but WHY have they remained in contact? Considering that two of the women now live in New York, and two now live in LA, and the three main characters barely disguise their contempt for Rebel Wilson/ the Bride... so why are they in the Bridal Party again?

This movie clearly wasn't marketed well - it is not Bridesmaids, and it is not a rom- com. The poster is awful. What is that composition, honestly?! In the end, if you go into this movie knowing it is a DARK COMEDY WITH UNLIKEABLE CHARACTERS, you'll probably enjoy it. Once I figured out the characters are assholes and are MEANT to be assholes, then it was pretty funny in parts. Not all women are "nice" and "sweet" and "kind". And they don't have to be.

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