American Bistro


Adventure / Comedy / Drama


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Eric Etebari as Haboubi
Dustin Quick as Alex's Wife
James Lew as Angry Man #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rruas 4 / 10

I understood the intention of the film but the production is very, very cheap

The perfect allegory for this film is the same with restaurants. We usually visit those restaurants that are recommended to us or have good reviews, then you visit and discover the tragic reality. This film doesn't know what it wants to be. I know it's an independent film and it's not easy to make movies, but besides some problems with the script, there are unforgivable technical problems, mainly with the audio editing. The premise of the script is interesting but the acting seems close to that of a high school film. I wish all the luck to the authors and director but I didn't like the film very much.

Reviewed by eyefordetail 1 / 10

Must have many friends or crowd-sourced reviews...

The average rating of this movie is impossible, and has the potential to destroy the entire IMDB rating system reputation. This movie is utterly unwatchable. Not fun, not entertaining at all. Just incredibly poorly made, acted, directed and scripted. Could possibly be used to torture suspects into confessions.

Reviewed by MarkAnder_ 10 / 10

Heartfelt father/son duo!

This film is truly heartwarming with unique comedic stylings. I was shocked to find out the two leads are real life father and son. Definitely fits my criteria of a fun, entertaining, unique film!

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