Above the Best


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Reviewed by royspray-1 10 / 10

Great documentary

Greetings from the darkness! (just kidding) This isn't so much a documentary but a telling of some instances that define what it really is like to be at war. The fear and the mundane that goes with it. In the end, it's really a job. A scary one but a job none the less. Most people that join the military don't intend to be in a war zone and most don't face combat. If you want to see what it was like in the skies this is it. I served but never saw war and grateful for it. Hats off to those that did. Well edited and the interviews are good. The footage is spot on. Skip fantasy and watch what it is really like.

Reviewed by mvike 3 / 10

What isn't going on...?

I want to say first, I LOVE these documentaries about the events in the Middle East. And I am VERY pro American/Military.

With that said, this was pretty bad. I got about 15-20 minutes into it and I was so confused... my thoughts were, "what the heck is going on?? Are these stories linked? Are they different stories? What's with the weird effects/editing??" I found it very difficult to know when the narrative changes to a new one. The structure of how this was put together might be the worst I've ever seen. It's almost like one of those "wildest police shootouts" type things. So I came to IMDB to see if I was being unreasonable...nope! 3.7 stars, so it seems others had issues as well.

If you watch this and find yourself kind of lost...you're not alone. I'll admit I gave up around the 20 minute mark...but you likely will too.

Reviewed by Alexisnikohl 9 / 10

Such a great film!

I can't say enough great things about this film. I saw it with a few friends of mine and by the end of it we couldn't help but sit back and reflect on how grateful we are to be protected by men like Daniel Flores. Above the Best is no Hollywood Blockbuster. It is an action film that portrays the real life actions and heroism of real American heroes. The men and women featured in this film get the call and they are out to risk their lives. That is the kind of high stakes situations that are being addressed in this film. This film had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this film. David Salzberg has done it again.

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