A Lonely Place to Die


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 74%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 26


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Melissa George as Alison
Sean Harris as Mr. Kidd
Paul Anderson as Chris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rockwell_Cronenberg 5 / 10

Great buildup to a disappointing finale.

Basically the anti-Kill List, instead of slowly building to an incredible conclusion this one starts off with the intensity at ten and then peaks way too soon, leading to a disappointing final act. That doesn't take away from the power of the first hour though. The premise is horror simplicity; a group of friends go up to the mountains to do some climbing and stumble across something they weren't supposed to.

The first hour leads them down this dangerous road of bullets and blood that honestly had me straining to catch my breathe. A lot of, "Holy crap!" moments almost from the start and the insanity just builds as more characters are introduced and the intensity is matched by the pure mystery of just what in the hell is going on in these mountains.

Of course like most cases of such a promising start, as we get more answers to who these people are and what their motivation is things become significantly more mundane and lead to a final act that just equates to waiting for what you know is going to happen to happen. It's really disappointing because that middle act has got to be some of the most intense stuff I've seen all year and I'd say it's worth watching for that alone, even if it doesn't pay off on it's promise.

Reviewed by basilisksamuk 8 / 10

Genre-Jumping Pleasure

Yet again I am surprised by a movie that was little more than a random recording off a satellite channel. Expecting something that might be OK, I actually saw a very good movie indeed. The crazy thing is that I'd never heard of it before. I don't remember seeing any reviews of it and it certainly never had any exposure in the British press. But why? It might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's much better than the average Hollywood blockbuster that has a budget twenty times bigger than this. I have a pretty jaundiced view of the state of British film making but when I see a really good one like this then I think perhaps there is hope.

The Highland locations and the cinematography grabbed my attention right away. The plot surprised me (remember I knew nothing about it beforehand) and kept me guessing as to what genre it was. Was it a thriller, adventure film or a horror film? Could be any of these. I've subsequently read reviews that classify it as a horror film but, whilst it has elements you'd associate with horror, I wouldn't put it in that genre. This is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. If you are in a single genre then you have to follow the tropes of that genre to be true to it. If you aren't making a genre film then you have more flexibility to be different.

It isn't perfect (what film is?) One sequence seems to feature the most incompetent pair of sharpshooters ever seen in a film and some of the dialogue is difficult to make out in places. It might work on The Wire but it doesn't work in a film with little dialogue in the first place.

There are clear influences from other films and, in particular, a sequence that owes much to The Wicker Man but these are done well and add to the viewing experience.

A great British film, not a phrase you often hear from me. I just wish I'd been able to catch it in the theatre

Reviewed by Starguitar32 3 / 10

Great Outdoors Let Down By Nonsense

Being Scottish I was keen to see our great landscapes on the big screen and went in not knowing much about this film. It started really well looking like a superb survival in the mountains flick, the mountains and scenery where amazing, cast was all right but then the film changed direction for the worse.

I don't tend to give spoilers on any reviews but this verged on the ridiculous, first of all how did the villains manage to stumble upon two guys with rifles in middle of nowhere?, how many shots do they need to kill someone?, how did the little girl survive after being underwater for an eternity?. These are just some of the holes in this film that just don't get answered or would never happen.

And the festival in the street, I'm Scottish and I have never seen a street festival in any town where there is breasts out while kids watch. Script writer must have been watching Wicker man too much.

This should have been something special but lacked the nerve in the second half of film. A poor man's Deliverance.

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