A Bump Along the Way


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10

not unique, but very nice

Well, its one of those paddy stories again, a story about a mature single mum getting pregnant at the age of 44, the family dynamics developing between her teenage daughter and the way towards the final goal, very well made, royal quality acting, a sweet and pure story without much nonsense, a good portion of humour and on top of all, lots of love and care.

its a low budget flick, made on breadcrumbs, but the potatoe celts know to make a grand meal to the silverscree, not one second did i , the grumpy old man,feel bored while viewing '' a bump along the way. my wife will be served this dish later, and so should you too. recommended

Reviewed by nickphelan-25748 7 / 10

Middle age kicks...

Forty something single mum discovers she is pregnant to the mortification of her teenage daughter. That's the plot. Sounds basic and it is but it's still a charming watch. Bronagh Gallagher is fantastic and just owns the screen whenever she appears on it with her lovely warm presence. Lola Pettigrew as the daughter plays it just right and even the usually annoying Paddy Courtney provides nice support. Not the most cinematic of movies and probably belongs on TV but a likeable cast lives a slight plot and you'll leave the cinema Happy but guaranteed you won't remember this movie in a years time.

Reviewed by babybuletgani 6 / 10

When flighty fortysomething Pamela (Bronagh Gallagher) falls pregnant

When flighty fortysomething Pamela (Bronagh Gallagher) falls pregnant after a drunken one-nighter, her already fractious relationship with teenage daughter Allegra (Lola Petticrew) comes under further strain. Might this finally be the wake-up call she needs? Will the frost between mother and daughter begin to thaw? The answers aren't hard to guess in a predictable comedydrama that's a little short on big laughs. Yet it's convincingly played by its two terrific leads, while the barbed arguments carry enough sting that its soft-centred conclusion, contrived as it is, feels well earned.

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