A Boy and His Dog


Action / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 76%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 15


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Don Johnson as Vic
Jason Robards as Lou Craddock
L.Q. Jones as Actor in Porno Film
Charles McGraw as Preacher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dusikyon 7 / 10

Strange and enjoyable.

The setting of this film is not only a material wasteland, but a moral one as well. Our protaganists are a wandering teenage misogynist and his super-intelligent telepathic dog. The latter helps the former to locate potential rape victims. Their pursuit of one particular sexual quarry leads the young man on a journey into a subterranean perversion of smalltown America. The dog is the most sympathetic character in the movie, and is brilliantly voiced by Tim McIntire.

If you are able to wrap your head around the bizarre moral construct, this film is a nihilistic hoot.

Reviewed by emma5050 10 / 10

Kinky Cult Classic= A great film!

Vic and his telepathically talking sheep dog, Blood, travel post-apocalyptic Arizona. Besides scavenging for food and sex, this movie features old, terrible porn clips, evil Amish looking people with clown makeup and possibly the greatest pun in movie history. Blood provides hilarious commentary to all Vic's endeavors, his comments while Vic and a girl he finds have sex are particularly entertaining. At parts, this movie gets so strange you can't do anything but laugh at it, which is definitely not a bad thing! A Boy and His Dog is not something that will ever be universally popular, but it is a great movie for late nights and all nerds. A classic piece of science fiction.

Reviewed by jzappa 8 / 10

This is No Old Yeller

This disorderly pre-Mad Max spree is one of the most entertaining post-apocalyptic future movies ever made. You know why? Because it has no taste and in that, it has no inhibitions about the questions it asked about what will happen after the world is spent by nuclear war. It asks about how procreation will happen, how basic sexual feelings will be satisfied, and other things. It has a genuinely original plot involving telepathic dogs that are more literate than their human masters,gunfights wherein the dogs direct their human masters, an entire society underground that discerns who is apart of them or not by wearing clownface at all times, and other crazy things.

It's a wild, crazy, tasteless, sex-obsessed adventure that affords the viewer one of the greatest luxuries of the movies, one that is rarely completely fulfilled, which is unpredictability. It's so inventive in every way that you don't know what happens next. Even the comical theme song is so out of place for the genre of the film, but the theme of a boy and his dog makes it suitable. A Boy and His Dog is not a great film, but it's worth watching repeatedly and showing our friends. Another buried treasure.

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