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Aziz Ansari as Chet
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Reviewed by Christian_Dimartino 5 / 10

It has a few moments, but not enough.

To me, a good comedy is when a movie can make me laugh the entire way through. Take Bridesmaids for example. An okay comedy is when a movie has hit or miss moments. Then there's a bad comedy, where nothing is funny the whole way through. Take the Danny McBride comedy Your Highness for example.

30 minutes or less, the second film from director Ruben Fleisher(Zombieland) has a few moments, but not enough to maintain such a short length. It's an action comedy with some action and not a whole lot of comedy.

Jessie Eisenberg plays Nick, a pizza delivery guy who is unfortunately picked by a couple of morons(Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) to rob a bank for them, and if he doesn't then they will blow him up(they've strapped a bomb to his chest.

So Nick has no other choice other than to run to his old friend Chet(Aziz Ansari), a school teacher(doesn't seem right, does it?) to assist him, and they sort of patch together their friendship along the way.

The characters in this film are bad people. I don't know who really to root for. There is a moment where Nick and Chet are talking and they say that they are a perfect match because they are terrible people.

Also, I just can't find any talent in Dannny McBride. McBride wrote this year's Your highness, which, I will say, was absolutely dreadful. Eisenberg and Ansari are likable, but bad people. And the same goes for Swardson.

Overall, it's The Dark Knight when it's compared to something like Your Highness, but it's The Love Guru when it's compared to Bridesmaids. I say skip it, but if you're really bored, give it a go. It does a good job of taking time. And I didn't mean to throw that pun in there.


Reviewed by cashmere-12 2 / 10

What Humour?

Everyone is saying it is the funniest movie of the summer. There was no humour in this movie. I didn't hear a laugh in the whole theatre. It was so boring I was waiting for the bomb to go off so the movie would be over.

I thought from the director of Zombieland it would be a lot better. Can I have my money back?

The language and sex were a turn off. Near the end it did get a little better..only because maybe the end of the movie was in sight. Nick Swardson was the stand out character. If there was comic relief it came from him. Wait for the DVD to come out save your money.

Reviewed by Leon_Chang_2000 6 / 10

Inconsistent Writing

While the premise of this film leaves much room for hilarity, as shown by the promising trailer, it was unable to capitalize on this due to what feels like a lackluster effort on the part of the writers. There are many tell-tale indications of this, such as in the inconsistency of the characters. Palpable tension is generated between characters without any warning, and then it is forgotten by the next scene.

Another glaring issue was the pacing of the story. If you saw the trailer, you would think it centered around this bank robbery by two normal guys. However, this is only one small piece of the movie. The opening was simultaneously slow and somewhat insufficient, then everything sped up tremendously, and then the latter half of the film was dragged out to fill up the remaining time needed for the movie to be taken seriously.

In all, I would rate this film a 6.5/10 since it was still entertaining and done by clearly talented actors. However, note that this is far from their best work, probably because the actors were confused about who their characters were.

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