24 Little Hours


Action / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 142


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Mark Preston as Armed Policeman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by craventodd 7 / 10

This director gets better and better

This kind of movie borders in the genres I love but is not my usual view but had to check out this one because of the director. I saw his last film and this one is even better.

The standard of the film is really good, with some great shoots and beautiful frames. There is a whole variety in how the story line is delivered, with the past and events overlapping, so you can get the full insight into events played out. Actors done a really good job with being naturalistic and believable.

Most importantly the film conveys that lines can get blurred. It's a film worth seeing!

Reviewed by uzach 8 / 10

Brilliant old school revenge

I have to say that this was a brilliant film. With the UK the way it is, the law being taken into your own hands seems ever more real than ever. An unforgiving killer against the drug dealing scum of London whilst the police have to work out the reason for it. It is Death Wish with twists and turns you only find on a corkscrew.

Some good humour and references to other films and TV, I personally loved the Simpsons bit, it was a refreshing change from half of the rubbish that is released nowadays.

If you want a good film with a nice little twist, then watch this film.

Reviewed by amitchell-95379 7 / 10

This Masterpiece will awaken your senses

Paul Knight is the Picasso of independent British film. This film is a visually astonishing piece of art. The Cinematography and locations were fantastic, the director and the team should be so proud of this piece of work especially for the fact this was made in just 8 days. I would highly recommend you see it!

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