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Jason Statham as Jasper
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Reviewed by somlaign1 10 / 10

Unexpected find!

Very dark, very tense. I don't know about the original or anything, just came across this movie randomly and it is better than most thrillers nowadays. Not a lot of movies can make me feel tense or keep me at the edge of my seat. What I like about the plot is how plausible it is. I mean, could there be such an underground gambling ring? I mean if you have nothing to lose and you're desperate enough or don't have much to live for, then why not make money for your family while you're at it. I guess it's not that much of a stretch given how much insanity exists in the world. The acting was good and depicted the proper human emotions in these types of situations. Enjoyed it thoroughly, no complaints here.

Reviewed by krachtm 6 / 10

Flawed but enjoyable remake

The plot: Bewildered young man stumbles into a tense game of chance when he impetuously steals a dead man's invitation.

I really liked the original French movie, though I found it to be a little pretentious. The American remake excises all of the art house elements in favor of big name actors, a curiously extended back story for Mickey Rourke's character, and some really bizarre (but awesome) acting from Michael Shannon. The original French version was also a bit more bleak and nihilist, which I think was watered down for American version. Despite this, I've seen several people complain that this movie was too bleak and nihilist! Wow. I guess some people were expecting a traditional, by-the-numbers thriller with car chases and shoot-outs rather than a pensive, darker drama. Unfortunately, a lot of the tension was also streamlined out this version, though I might be misjudging because I already knew the plot. Still, the brutality and nihilism of the original, made all the starker by the black and white stock, really stuck with me, and I didn't feel as though I had quite the same experience when watching the remake.

I'm not one of those snobs who thinks that the original movie is always better than the remake, but, in this case, I think it's true. If I hadn't seen the original and liked it so much, I'd probably rate this a bit higher. Judged on its own merits, I think this is an enjoyable movie, but it doesn't live up to the original. For a movie billed as a thriller, it's lacking the tension that audiences expect, and, as a Jason Statham movie, it's lacking in Jason Statham scenes, which audiences will also expect. Despite my criticism and lukewarm rating, I still liked 13, and I'd probably recommend it to people who haven't seen the original. However, I'd highly recommend you see the original, instead. It's a better movie.

Reviewed by ljw1004 3 / 10

Preposterous in a bad way

This film is about an underground "game". It a game of pure random chance. You have a 78% chance of being killed, 17% chance of surviving, and 5% chance of walking out with a little under two million dollars.

Rich people dress up in tuxedos, act all high-class, and bet on which participant will win. The bookies offer odds. How can they offer odds on a game of pure random chance? It doesn't make sense. It's a dumb excuse for voyeuristic sadism.

Jason Stretham enters his brother into the game three times in a row, giving him a 99% chance of dying. Why would the brother do this? Why would Stretham? Why would he act all surprised when his brother dies? Okay, so the plot is particularly stupid. The characters in it are preposterous. Also the pacing is ponderous. This film has no redeeming qualities.

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